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After several years of working with the likes of Earth Wind & Fire,Lionel Richie,The Jacksons,Dale Bozzio and many others,I felt it was my time with the new digital record industry. A real Independence to be who I wanted to be as an Artist. My music motto: "Sophisticated music for the Adult music lover in You" The SC.

Is Your Music Mobile Ready?

By The "Silver Conductor" on December 18, 2014

Think about it, Is Your Music Mobile Ready?

For most DIY musicians today, the indepth study of what it really takes to produce great sounding music that sounds great on almost any hand held device, is an enigma to their musical knowledge and ears.

What I suggest is that you do your due diligence and study read and do what is called a Crash course in mixing and montoring. Something very much like cramming for a final at school. This may help if your project is behind schedule, but remember people will be buying your final product. You want them as a fan for as long as you are an artist. So be aware of this before making that final decision as a Independent label owner.


The "Silver Conductor"

2015 Resolutions "Be Committed"

By The "Silver Conductor" on December 16, 2014

2015 Resolutions "Be Committed"

It's one thing to say you are committed, and another to actually be Committed. I sincerely hope musician to musician, you stick to your guns and make the best music you can make, but more than that, make Good music often.

You are the captian of your Indie ship, so set sail for the world's big blue ocean. let the world discover your treasure chest of hits.


The "Silver Conductor"

How To Win at the New Music Industry Game,I Got It!

By The "Silver Conductor" on December 14, 2014

How to Win at the New Music Industry Game, I Got It!

If you are looking for that magical Red or Blue pill, you've come to the wrong place. The answers you seek like many others before you, have found many of the them at:

Some of your most influential artists have been giving you hints and signs of what to do because they are doing it. Just follow the leader (hint hint)

Go read the article, same title as this on the blog and some but not all answers will be revealed.

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this.

The "Silver Conductor"

Real R & B music | Keeping Soul Alive!

By The "Silver Conductor" on December 08, 2014

Real R & B music | Keeping Soul Alive! it seems that every since the passing of Soul greats like Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Gearld Le Vert, Robert Brookins, Funkster Bassist Wayman Tysdale just to name a few, Real Soul music has just about gone as well. As we read article after article on google music alerts, all we see is the doom and gloom of the record industry dead or dying. Big conglomerates taking over what used to be the major labels. Downloading, being over shadowed by a Cloud, Well established artist not really sure of their next moves, but more startling than that is the dropping of Soul and R&B categories from the Grammy's Awards in 2012, What?

The music being played in heavy rotation is not Soul or R&B, it's modern 2011 Disco if you just listen close enough, from Chris Brown, to User, to Ne-yo, where did the Soul go? Hip Hop is a genre spawn from old school Soul and R&B, even though that genre is a topic for another discussion at a read more...

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