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After several years of working with the likes of Earth Wind & Fire,Lionel Richie,The Jacksons,Dale Bozzio and many others,I felt it was my time with the new digital record industry. A real Independence to be who I wanted to be as an Artist. My music motto: "Sophisticated music for the Adult music lover in You" The SC.

December to Remember

By The "Silver Conductor" on December 01, 2014

December to Remember

Mom Tom and Rob

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this.

This is the time of year that's most painful to me for many reasons, but I'll share 3 to be more specific. My mother and oldest brother were killed by a drunk driver on christmas eve so you can understand why that pain will never leave. One of my baby brothers past away of a heart attack 7 years ago and that memory and pain stays with me because of our musical connection, he was and will always be my musical mentor. He had a truly remarkable musical gift.

I just ask hope and pray that you my fellow musicluvrs gravitate to enjoying life to it's fullest, for it really promises no tomorrow. So sieze the time you do have in this Here and Now!

MusicLuv,The SC.


The AMA's

By The "Silver Conductor" on November 24, 2014

The "AMA's"

American Music awards/World awards

As much as I support and believe in ALL music from around the world,when we start giving our awards away to muscians and groups from other countries and it's not being reciprocated to the same degree, we have stop and say wait a minute.

Provoking conversation yes, just like the industry has to take notice and adapt immediate policies to protect us songwriters producers artists and publishers.

Streaming is the right now way of fans getting music not the only choice but the most lucrative for the companies that are providing it while making Millions off of the content creators, but are not paying out a more advantageous share to said creators is the something we MUST address as creators. Food for thought.


The SC.


State of the music Industry

By The "Silver Conductor" on November 23, 2014

State of the Music Industry

How do we rebound from the down fall

The date: 11/22/2014 Time:9:17pm I just finsih listeng to "One Eyed Doll" while reading late google alerts on the happenings.   Depressing news once again on how Streaming is "Killing" the industry. Well I guess it's who you ask on whether to not believe if that's really true or not, it all can't be blamed on just streaming or Spodify or Pandora or the Internet or iTunes or ok enough with the or's. my point is no matter where you turn, there is going to be blame on what's happening in an industry that goes from $32 Billion annually to 1/2 that.

Blame it on the rain as Mili Vanili once sang or did they? well never mind that, the answer is Independence for the artists who want to still play the game.

Plan your work and then Work your plan. but just like dori in the movie Nemo said , "Just keep Swimming" yo read more...

The "Intimate" Set

By The "Silver Conductor" on November 21, 2014

The "Intimate" Set

Doin whatcha do musically speaking

When you are doing an "Intimate" set, you are really as close to your fans as possible. Whether it's a club setting or online (hint hint) very easy to set up and do, paid or FREE, there's that bad 4 letter word in our industry but yet it's becoming a sad reality.

Tip: Give away a FREE mp3 of one of your songs in exchange for their email address for future music and updates. If you wouldn't work for your boss for FREE, please don't expect hard working musicians songwriters or publishers to to do it, NUFF SAID!

MusicLuv, The SC.


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