Music is our SAVIOR...

by The "Silver Conductor" • March 22, 2020 16:03

Music is our SAVIOR...

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. Well with what's going on around the world, we creatives (musicians) have to really let the music flow. With so much time on our hands nowadays, we can really count on the digital domain to say hey ya'll feel this new groove by supporting me and stay menatlly sane at the same time. Since this is how we stay afloat until then bans are lifted. Yes musicluvrs we have to eat too. :-) I have a new groove coming very soon on my site ( that I'm feelin ya gonna love especially the ladies HELLO! So keep ya ears and eyes open.

Until then, stay SAFE HEALTHY LOVING

The SC

The "Silver Conductor"

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