New Year and Politics

by The "Silver Conductor" • February 15, 2017 13:32

New Year and Politics

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. I'm sure we all are now settling in on what's happening worldwide seeing how all this madness is going to affect us and our families.

Well first let me say, our new prez is a businessman who actually might do some good in that area but politics he has no clue sadly. Yes I can hear and feel some of you saying wait a minute SC, who you for? What are you for? answer: US as in "WE THE PEOPLE".

I watch things very closely on ALL fronts that will effect I say that instead affect because the affects "WE" feel no matter who you voted for. That all ALL those politicians in DC is a power game played and ran by the Elite and International Bankers, YOU better become aware of because they control your EVERYTHING!

Hoping they get the music end of FAIR payments to us creatives corrected, the rest will be up to us as a collective whole.

Sending you ALL "Energy Spirit" MusicLuv.

The SC out.

The "Silver Conductor"

us Sacramento

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