Resolution for my brother

by The "Silver Conductor" • August 19, 2016 18:44

Resolution for my Brother

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. Today the city recognised my baby brother with the honor of a Resolution and Proclamation. He was the DNA of Sacramento's r&b music. 40 years deep in history. Musical director and co-lead vocalist for world reknown Earth Wind & Fire.Google his name: Robert Brookins and nothing else will need be said. What does that have to do with me The SC ? well as the very proud big brother, my heart is happy and heavy at the same time because I miss him dearly. I cry often and not ashamed to admit it. Mostly happy because the city is helping in upholding his last breaths request, "KEEPING SOUL ALIVE". I'll be alright, I have you and his Energy Spirit to keep me going strong.

MusicLuv, Always

The SC.

The "Silver Conductor"

us Sacramento

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