State of the music Industry

by The "Silver Conductor" • November 23, 2014 00:25

State of the Music Industry

How do we rebound from the down fall

The date: 11/22/2014 Time:9:17pm I just finsih listeng to "One Eyed Doll" while reading late google alerts on the happenings.   Depressing news once again on how Streaming is "Killing" the industry. Well I guess it's who you ask on whether to not believe if that's really true or not, it all can't be blamed on just streaming or Spodify or Pandora or the Internet or iTunes or ok enough with the or's. my point is no matter where you turn, there is going to be blame on what's happening in an industry that goes from $32 Billion annually to 1/2 that.

Blame it on the rain as Mili Vanili once sang or did they? well never mind that, the answer is Independence for the artists who want to still play the game.

Plan your work and then Work your plan. but just like dori in the movie Nemo said , "Just keep Swimming" you will eventually get to where you are going.

MusicLuv,The SC.

The "Silver Conductor"

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