To RAP or not to RAP

by The "Silver Conductor" • November 26, 2020 12:16

To RAP or not to RAP

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. I was messing around in the studio rapping to a groove me and CJO (contemporary jazz orchestra) had laid down when one of the members said you should keep it on there, well I let a dear friend who's a very famous rapper here in Cali hear it and he asked who's doing the rap? me dude c'mon now.When he said that's hot man, I decided to keep it for ya'll to soon feel it. We will be uploading it soon :-)

Ya'll stay SAFE and keep Doin Whacha Do! 

MusicLuv Always,

The SC.

The "Silver Conductor"

us Sacramento

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