Todays Real Music Industry

by The "Silver Conductor" • July 10, 2017 15:38

The Real Music Industry

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. By the time you finish this short article, something new will have been added to the way the music industry is changing. Whether it's how you market your self and music, how you use social media, how you record or produce music, it's all changing. There is one constant though, and that's the way the major players (labels) keep playing the game. Very few new major record deals, Indie has taken over. What does that really mean? YOU have to Get Er' Done, yo Damn Self! What's your Grind like? What's your Hustle like? Is it up to competeing with the majors? the only thing they really have on an Idie is $ yeah Moola. So how can I compete you might be thinkng or saying to yourself and for some even harsh words like Sh** I can't compete with that. Well 2 things, 1) If YOU think you can't YOU won't! 2) If YOU think you CAN you will! Either way YOU are Right. So what's gonna be? Me and The CJO, we're on the Get Er' Done train and "Ain't No Stoppin Us Now"! Check out my home site: many articles that will help you out.

MusicLuv as Always.

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