When will it END?

by The "Silver Conductor" • October 01, 2018 14:07

When will it END?

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. Sorry for the long absence but life has been taking so many of my dear friends and family into the next life, thoughts of is it really worth it anymore took over my mind. Skip Davis a long time friend and family passed away that hit hard on my heart. He was in the game of promtions with AL Haymen for many years along with being the production manager for Floyd Mayweather. I will dearly miss him. As I like to say, "THEY" just beat us there, (to the promised land that is).

New music on the way shortly. A question for Indie artists, are you having a ruff time dealing with should I go ahead and bow to the pressures of the PAYOLA radio game and prgrammers who only want to play the game of if it's appealling to the rap crowd we aren't going to play your music? Well my advice is to stay true to your audience, tribe, followers and the like because they are the ones who MusicLuv what YOU do.

Keep Doin Whacha Do! The SC.

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