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#17 - Alright, I Like It (with co-host Josh)

December 31, 2014

Josh and I play the sequel game, discuss North Korea's internet, and late night talk shows.

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#16 - A Door Named Dad (with Josh and Blake)

December 28, 2014

Josh, Blake and I discuss the old school TGIF lineup, To Catch A Predator, and Spotify. And you asked for it: stick around until the end of the show for the full version of the theme song, "Too Long Too Late" by Alex And The Anders! Download the mp3 at! All this and more in today's episode, "A Door Named Dad."

NOTE: We're still working out some kinks for 3 person shows, so forgive the inconsistent audio quality.

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Episode 15 - What's Really In Your Beef (with co-host Josh and guest Blake)

December 24, 2014

Josh, myself and first time guest Blake discuss my website idea, urine tests, and fast food. All this and more in today's episode, "What's Really In Your Beef?"

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Episode 14 - Don't Touch Them (with co-host Josh)

December 20, 2014

Josh and I talk about so many things, you better just listen for yourself. Don't touch them!

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Episode 13 - Fun Gifts For Boys

December 18, 2014

Josh and I discuss the words "boy" and "girl," immigration, and what ought to be taught in school.

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Episode 12 - You Can Call Him Ray (with co-host Danny)

December 15, 2014

Danny and I discuss Bill Saluga, a pitch for a new Gremlins movie, and horror sequels.

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Episode 11 - Tiddlywinks Would Not Make It Today (with co-host Danny)

December 13, 2014

Danny and I discuss "child-adults," Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and what it takes to master a video game.

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Episode 10 - Jumping The Shark (with co-host Josh)

December 12, 2014

Josh and I discuss television shows in space, music on the internet, and where rap music is heading. All this and more in today's episode, "Jumping The Shark".

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Episode 9 - Just The Two Of Us (with co-host Josh)

December 10, 2014

Josh and I discuss Woody Harrelson, gender issues in the media, and atheism. We also check out a strange interview with Jaden and Willow Smith, and watch a trailer for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie. All this and more in today's episode, "Just The Two Of Us".

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Episode 8 - I Got The Evil Stick (with co-host Josh)

December 08, 2014

Josh and I discuss a controversial toy and a planned mission to mars. We also play the Clickbait Game, Slow Play Role Play, and debut a new game. All this and more in today's episode, "I Got The Evil Stick".

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