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Ep.167 TownHall Heroes

January 18, 2018
Happy New Year everyone! We're finally back with our first show of the year where we are joined by Team12's manager Yitbaus and Assassin player for LFM Esports, Drated! This week we went over recent patch notes and Hero reworks, chatted about mechastorm, and discussed the new HGC news.
Listen   125:44

Ep.166 TownHall Heroes

December 27, 2017
This week Jake and Bakery are joined by TS Kala and R20 Goku to discuss Gameplay 2018 Changes, Hanzo, Blaze the Firebat, December 20th Patch notes, and HGC 2018
Listen   119:19

Ep.165 TownHall Heroes

December 13, 2017
This week on Town Hall Heroes Jake, Dunk, and Bakery talked about. - GCWC - Patch Notes - Performance Based Match Making - Viewer Questions
Listen   92:57

Ep.164 TownHall Heroes

December 07, 2017
Bakery, Dunk, and Jake discuss all the new Heroes news. • Intro's • GCWC • Supports • Viewer Questions
Listen   88:59

Ep.163 TownHall Heroes

November 30, 2017
Bakery, KzN, and Jake discuss all the new Heroes news. • KzN Interview • HGC 2018 Rosters • Patch Notes • Esports • Viewer Questions
Listen   125:07

Ep.162 TownHall Heroes 1

November 22, 2017
This episode we jumped in an talked more about rosters, GCWC, Performace based match making, and some things to look forward to.
Listen   102:38

Ep.161 TownHall Heroes

November 20, 2017
After our chaotic break, we return to talk about Bakery's retirement, Alexstraza, Blizzcon 2017, Gameplay Changes, and Rosterpocalypse!
Listen   114:10

Ep.160 TownHall Heroes

October 26, 2017
DunkTrain, Jake and special guest Marche discuss ZulJin, Muradin, HGC, and Blizzcon 2017
Listen   102:52

Ep.159 TownHall Heroes

October 12, 2017
Junkrat, Patch Notes, HGC Crucible Results, and more!
Listen   122:02

Ep.158 TownHall Heroes 1

September 28, 2017
Ana Patch Notes HGC Open Division HGC Playoffs Viewer Questions
Listen   91:59

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