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Ep.162 TownHall Heroes 1

November 22, 2017
This episode we jumped in an talked more about rosters, GCWC, Performace based match making, and some things to look forward to.
Listen   102:38

Ep.161 TownHall Heroes

November 20, 2017
After our chaotic break, we return to talk about Bakery's retirement, Alexstraza, Blizzcon 2017, Gameplay Changes, and Rosterpocalypse!
Listen   114:10

Ep.160 TownHall Heroes

October 26, 2017
DunkTrain, Jake and special guest Marche discuss ZulJin, Muradin, HGC, and Blizzcon 2017
Listen   102:52

Ep.159 TownHall Heroes

October 12, 2017
Junkrat, Patch Notes, HGC Crucible Results, and more!
Listen   122:02

Ep.158 TownHall Heroes 1

September 28, 2017
Ana Patch Notes HGC Open Division HGC Playoffs Viewer Questions
Listen   91:59

Ep.157 TownHall Heroes

September 22, 2017
Ana, Volskaya Foundry, Patch Notes, HGC, and much much more! --
Listen   129:26

Ep.156 TownHall Heroes

September 07, 2017
This week Dunktrain, Bakery, and Solid Jake discuss: • KT Patch • Meta Shift (ETC, Rehgar, and more) • Resurrection of Kel'Thuzad • HGC
Listen   99:10

Ep.155 TownHall Heroes

August 31, 2017

This week Bakery, Dunk, and Jake have all your Heroes of the Storm news.   

• Gamescom 2017

• Kel'Thuzad

• Patch Notes

• HGC Updatesplease note, Ep.154 is VOD only via

Listen   94:08

Ep.153 TownHall Heroes

August 11, 2017

Your favorite Heroes podcast is back with Bakery, Dunk, and Jake.

• Bloodlust Recap

• Western Clash recap

• Map Discussion

• Garrosh Impressions

Listen   106:20

Ep.152 TownHall Heroes

August 10, 2017

Sorry for the slow upload everyone, went out of town literally hours after Bloodlust concluded and spent a week working at Amazon Game Studios. This was a Bloodlust pre-show but also has some great game discussion as well. Enjoy!

Listen   108:54

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