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Heroes of the Storm podcast focusing on the competitive community

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Ep.138 TownHall Heroes

March 23, 2017

Interview with T8 Justing, Warrior meta discussion, Easten Clash Discussion

Listen   68:14

Ep.137 TownHall Heroes

March 09, 2017

Dignitas Bakery joins Dunk and Jake this week to discuss IEM Katowice, Probius, UI Updates, and PTR Balance Changes

Listen   142:38

Ep.136 TownHall Heroes

February 23, 2017

IEM Katowice Previe Show

Listen   61:01

Ep.135 TownHall Heroes

February 09, 2017

This week we are joined by Yuuj to talk about the Lucio PTR patch, HGC, HotD, and the current state of the meta.

Listen   99:52

Ep.134 TownHall Heroes

February 02, 2017

Community roundup

Meta Discussion

HGC Recap

Listen   109:12

Ep.133 TownHall Heroes

January 26, 2017

Fnatic QuackNiix and JHow join us to talk about all your weekly Heroes and HGC news.

Listen   107:50

Ep.132 TownHall Heroes

January 19, 2017

Shot and Halorin join jake this week to talk about Valeera, balance patch, heroes grassroots, and HGC 2017

Listen   116:48

Ep.131 TownHall Heroes

January 12, 2017

JHow and KendricSwissh join us to talk about HGC 2017 Announcements, Zul'jin first week impressions, Patch Notes, and Valeera Speculations

Listen   118:06

Ep.128 TownHall Heroes

December 20, 2016

Chu8 and Iakona join us to talk Rag patch and HGC

Listen   57:44

Ep.127 TownHall Heroes

December 09, 2016

Dunktrain returns, and Erho / Insomnia are this weeks guests. 

Plenty of discussion on Patch notes, coaching, and esports.

Listen   111:21

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