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Ep.115 TownHall Heroes

August 01, 2016
Listen   113:08

Ep.114 TownHall Heroes

July 21, 2016
Listen   88:37

Ep.113 TownHall Heroes

July 18, 2016

This week we are joined by Kaeyoh and Srey to talk about all your Heroes news. 

Listen   118:27

Ep.112 TownHall Heroes - Trikslyr, Spyrian, DunkTrain, and SolidJakeGG

July 07, 2016

Jake and Dunk are joined by Blizzard Community Managers Trikslyr and Spyrian. They discuss Gul'dan, his kit, design, and theme as well as the monstrous PTR patch that came out this week!

Listen   122:51

Ep.111 TownHall Heroes

June 30, 2016

Jake and Dunk are joined by Trees and Psalm to discuss the Medivh changes, roster situations, and NA Fall Season.

Listen   102:11

Ep.110 TownHall Heroes

June 25, 2016

SolidJake, DunkTrain, Bakery, and Fan discuss HGC, ladder system, rosterpocalypse, and address some viewer questions.

Listen   123:27

Ep.109 TownHall Heroes

June 16, 2016

TownHall Heroes is back! This week Solid Jake, Dunktrain, KingCaffeine, and Srey sit down to discuss Medivh, new match making, and the Heroes Global Championship.

Listen   84:55

Ep.108 TownHall Heroes

May 26, 2016

In episode 108 we are joined by Cattlepillar where we discuss him joining Cloud9, Chromie / Tracer and their place in the meta, Region Locking, Supports, and the ESL LA Regional Groups.

Listen   106:19

Ep.107 TownHall Heroes

May 19, 2016

On episode 107 Solid Jake, Dunktrain and bkb are joined by Schwimpi of Fnatic and Splendour from mYinsanity.  They discuss Dreamhack Tours, Chromie, Patch notes, a new amateur league, and some upcoming roster changes for C9.

Listen   127:27

Ep.106 TownHall Heroes

May 12, 2016

DreamHack Austin



Ranked Play

Patch Notes

Dreamhack Tours

Listen   136:47

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