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Heroes of the Storm podcast focusing on the competitive community

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Ep.134 TownHall Heroes

February 02, 2017

Community roundup

Meta Discussion

HGC Recap

Listen   109:12

Ep.133 TownHall Heroes

January 26, 2017

Fnatic QuackNiix and JHow join us to talk about all your weekly Heroes and HGC news.

Listen   107:50

Ep.132 TownHall Heroes

January 19, 2017

Shot and Halorin join jake this week to talk about Valeera, balance patch, heroes grassroots, and HGC 2017

Listen   116:48

Ep.131 TownHall Heroes

January 12, 2017

JHow and KendricSwissh join us to talk about HGC 2017 Announcements, Zul'jin first week impressions, Patch Notes, and Valeera Speculations

Listen   118:06

Ep.128 TownHall Heroes

December 20, 2016

Chu8 and Iakona join us to talk Rag patch and HGC

Listen   57:44

Ep.127 TownHall Heroes

December 09, 2016

Dunktrain returns, and Erho / Insomnia are this weeks guests. 

Plenty of discussion on Patch notes, coaching, and esports.

Listen   111:21

Ep.126 TownHall Heroes

December 01, 2016

After a month hiatus, TownHall returns with McIntyre, Fan, and Michael Udall!


Please note that episode 125 is VOD only and can be found on

Listen   66:48

Ep.124 TownHall Heroes

October 20, 2016

Jake and Kaeyoh are joined by the entire Astral Authority team to talk about Blizzcon and Opening week!

Listen   89:14

Ep.123 TownHall Heroes

October 14, 2016

This week Dunk, Kaeyoh, and Jake talk about Heroes brawl, Patch Notes, and esports.

Listen   102:56

Ep.122 TownHall Heroes

October 07, 2016

Dunk, Bakery, and Jake discuss the Zarya Patch, Heroes Brawl, HGC, and.... Brood war?

Listen   110:21

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