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Heroes of the Storm podcast focusing on the competitive community

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Ep.16 Town Hall Sgt Hammer, hero changes, support discussion

June 09, 2014
In Episode 16 we take a look at the newly added skins and tints, do a full discussion on Sargent Hammer and her talents, and cover some hero changes in the recent patch.
Listen   124:14

Ep.17 Town Hall With Special Guest DunkTrain!

June 12, 2014
In Episode 17 we are joined by the one and only DunkTrain! We dio a dive deep and discuss everything about Nazeebo the With Doctor including his playstyle, talents, build orders, and our overall impressions. OBM shoots some coob's questions at the cast, and we talk about our thoughts on the Haunted Mines changes.
Listen   108:13

Ep.18 Town Hall With Special Guest CyaSteve!

June 18, 2014
Ep.18 Town Hall With Special Guest CyaSteve!.mp3
Listen   108:06

Ep.19 Town Hall XP Changes, Zagara, and Tassadar in-depth

June 25, 2014
EPISODE 19 We discuss the XP changes Blizzard recently announced and how it will effect the game. Zagara week and the inclusion of Anub'Arak in the Zagara video put out by Blizzard, and an in-depth discussion on Tassadar and how each of us build him.
Listen   100:34

Ep.20 Town Hall Zagara first impressions, Merc changes, Nova in depth, and more!

July 02, 2014
Ep.20 Town Hall Zagara first impressions, Merc changes, Nova in depth, and more!.mp3
Listen   128:08

Ep.21 Town Hall: Heroes - with special guest Dunktrain!

July 09, 2014
Listen   110:22

Ep.22 Town Hall: Heroes eSports discussion w Idra and LzGamer

July 17, 2014
Discussion about Heroes of the Storm as an eSports title with Idra and LzGamer.
Listen   118:57
We dive into the biggest patch to date, talking about Garden of Terror, Rehgar, and the new progression systems.
Listen   132:46

Ep.24 Town Hall Heroes - Post Patch Feels w LzGamer

July 30, 2014
Ep.24 Town Hall Heroes - Post Patch Feels w_ LzGamer.mp3
Listen   126:15

Ep.25 Town Hall Heroes - Artifacts They Belong In A Museum!

August 06, 2014
EPISODE 25 In episode 25 we are joined by ESVDiamond to discuss ESV's plans for eSports events he recently announced on reddit. ZPs joins us in the ladder half of the show for our Kerrigan Deep Dive, and we discuss the current view botting situation on Twitch.
Listen   136:15

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