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USA Network Radio has taken a different approach, by teaming up with the United Songwriters Association and other strategic partners, we allow you to customize your advertising. How would you like to choose your Geographic location, the Demographic you would like to target, the time of day you would like your ads to play, and the genre you would like to be involved with.... Well the good news is, we offer that! We started to think in the eyes of our sponsors, why hope that listeners are listening when your commercial plays? We give you more ways to access your advertising, such as downloads, widgets, audio, video, text, image, mobile, web, call to listen, social, and more broadcast through syndication, to give you maximum Return, along with residual referrals on every ad we release. For more info find us on Facebook @

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Success Coach "Austin"

September 16, 2014

Mindsets are a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations. Mindsets are the common denominator that separates the over achievers and the under achievers.

Stop letting your circumstances guide you!

Are you tired of getting the same results?

What if you could change your mindsets to get better results?

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to life?

Change your mindset, change your life…

Your problems, issues, or situation may seem huge to you, but if you look at the world, you will realize just how simple and fixable your issues are. Being able to sustain your state of mind proactively means that you are in control of how effectively you function and more importantly: how you feel, regardless of the events throughout your day.

 What holds you back from getting the success you want?

 What does it take to have the types of relationships you have always wanted?

 Why does life feel so hard?

 Why can’t you seem to take control?

Mindsets drive our behaviors and these behaviors drive our results in life. In order to create lasting change, we need to get to the roots of our problems by addressing our mindsets and teach people that mindsets can be changed to any story we want.

For more information on Success and Transformation, please contact:

Challenge and Choose at (801) 309-3003 or visit

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Looking to Advertise in Austin Texas

August 18, 2014

Radio Advertising Austin TX has a unique process of generating and entertaining customers for you business. Experience is everything and knowledge is king!Our Partners Network is the engine behind our company. It builds awareness, educates the community, and works towards a better tomorrow. The programs include key components you will find listed below.Better Business GreenHelping implement green programs into local businesses and educating the community on how to create a “Greener Tomorrow”.Vets Behind the SignsCreating awareness about homeless Veterans and finding solutions within the community to support local Vet programs.United Songwriters AssociationHelping local musicians receive the publicity they deserve. Press ReleaseThroughout years of web analysis and site behavior testing, we have determined strategic ways to syndicate content with maximum exposure, making your content accessible to millions of people on major playing fields: Mobile; Tablet; PC; Video; Audio; Text; Image. By using our press release service, you will not only receive short term results, you will also benefit from long term residual results that can help the exponential growth of your business.Spin-4-Deals Incentive Wheels“Spin-4-Deals” is the program behind the engagement. We create ways to encourage your customers to engage, employees to perform, and design a structure for opportunities throughout your company. With our technology you can integrate the “Multi-Asker” on the front end and the “Deal-Dripper” on the backend.Incorporating these 3 components allows you to control the whole process and follow through the entire body of your business.Survey/Training SystemThe “Multi-Asker” system is the core to your success. It is an all-in-one “multi-tasker” for your business. The system includes: Customer Surveys; Employee Training; Sales Incentives; Lead Generation; Follow-up Techniques; Q&A; Inventory Tracking; and More! The growth of your business does not depend on just one core factor, but a dynamic symmetry of the whole. That’s why we believe it is essential to be proactive for customer feedback, training your employees, encouraging team growth, following up, and generating new customers. By incorporating the “Multi-Asker” into your everyday way of doing business, we can help you take and keep control of your growth.Deals, Promotions, and the Information EngineThe “Deal-Dripper” system is the engine behind your campaigns. It drives your audience to your Social Pages, Event Registration, Testing, and other Calls to Action. This system helps businesses and corporations successfully deliver engaging Surveys, Games, Tests, and Interactive Tools that display on Smart-phones, Tablets, and Browsers. We customize the look and feel of your business to make sure you are seen in all the right places, at the all right times, by all the right people! For more info:

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USA Network Radio

June 08, 2014
USA Network Radio Hot Link Demo
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