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Day 2 Millionaire Brain

September 18, 2014
So we are back today with the details for the Millionaires Mind. Yesterday was the kick off.  Today the new brilliance showed up with a call from a friend 4 years ago.  It is crazy how time flies.   Details in the program.. something you are not going to want to miss. Will open a chatroom to see if anyone wants to participate. Catch me now if you can. Check out Vickers Tree Radio site to find out more about me and the dream I'm building. Music on this show Gary Moore Directions Song Song Goyama from the Albu  
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Day 3 Millionaire Brain Relocation

September 18, 2014
So Today is day 3 of the 7 day total transformation.  This is the challenge, " Can we give ourselves permission to give  an outside source the power to move us into a new mindset?  You know we have made our choices for a reason. It seems it was safe for some unknown reason to hide in the idea that we were somehow more spiritual, caring, loving and sensitive if we show others that we understand their pain, their lack. Guess what we have to awaken in our mind is the dream we share that boat. As I write to you today I am excited share the discovery of my revamping my map. Will I succeed in 7 days to realign my delights, my passion into an expression of a truly free and honourable  life? Witness my change give me feedback on what you can see as my transformation. Visit  Vickers Tree      
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First Day Millionaires Brain

September 16, 2014
Monitoring results of the millionaire brain technique.  Purchased the program this morning for $55 Canadian. Will do a blog daily of results. They have said results in 7 days. Great this is my story. To learn more about me,  I am a Champion. I get results! Vickers Tree paving the way for others.
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March 24, 2013
DISCOVER THE SECRETS TO YOUR ULTIMATE HEALING SUCCESS............... Join Cynastry and Sheryl as they discuss the Essential Secrets to your achieving success in any of the many healing modalities available these days. Do you ever wonder:   So many to choose from! Which is better? Feel overwhelmed with all the techniques out there? Then make sure you join us on the show, at this evening, to learn the secrets of making them work for you. Enjoy a vibrant and informative discussion about how to make your 'Evolutionary Journey into Healing your life', a joyful & successful journey, by understanding the Secrets behind Genuine Self Healing. Sheryl is a Certified Chopra Center Meditation Teacher and a Mind Set for Success & Spiritual Solutions Coach, and who has been teaching internationally for 20 years.   Based on their Personal Experiences of healing   Cynastry and Sheryl will share the Secrets to Success, they discovered along their own Healing Paths.  
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Golden Super Heroes

January 10, 2013
Sheryl Bishop is back with power to move your conscious belief to the limitless journey of woman in wisdom mode.
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December 23, 2012
Supporting the challenging child the Shaman's return to give us insight on how their techniques in healing can provide the necessary changes that lead to healthier, happier family relations. These shaman have helped many troubled boys and families to transform lives.  Are you prepared to support yourself and cut a new path to healthy family networks?  World-renowned for their inspired performances of traditional Mali tribe music, Papa Wango and Djaly take their calling quite seriously, and with great reverence. African Mali rituals, long held in secret, are considered one of the most powerful and exotic forms of magic the world has ever seen. Practiced for thousands of years, this magic is considered principal to living, mainly through the intense power behind creation and assuring the integral health of the spirit. Papa Wango and Djaly perform their music (which ranges from traditional African styles to even rock and pop sung in Bambara, English, German, French and Spanish) in hopes of entertaining first, but also healing, helping and freeing others. They have presented on radio and television around the world and through their current world tour look to raise money and awareness for African Mali children in need. Acting as their Canadian agent, I am now able to arrange public appearances, events or even private sessions with these extraordinarily talented and personable individuals. For more information on the show visit
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December 20, 2012
Cynastry and the Vickers Tree are honoured to share the journey of this Celebration. Lee Vickers is the author of Bodies of Light. He is part of the evolution  in Holistic Healing that is happening RIGHT NOW!   RIGHT NOW! Across the WORLD there is a "shift" happening. You have probably even noticed this shift within yourself.  You have known all along there was an "energy" there that did more than what was widely recognized. It's like an intuition that one knows IS. You just know intuitively that this is how things must have always been.  He puts all the pieces of the puzzle together so that you are at CAUSE over your own health and life! *FREE 2012 CELEBRATION WWW.BODIESOFLIGHT.NET THURSDAY 12.20.12 5:00 PM - 12:00PM WE ARE HOLDING THE LIGHT FOR THE WORLD TOGETHER BRING YOUR FRIENDS FREE* OF CHARGE!!! Come to all or part, you are completely welcome to arrive at your time! 5:00PM   Subscara Clearing 8:30PM   Prosperity Consciousness 9:30PM   Mayan Time Meditation 10:30PM Tree of Life Candlelight Ceremony 11:00PM Peace Now Class 12:00PM Peace Now Ceremony  
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December 19, 2012
Experience the understanding of your soul calling.  It is you know? Join Cynastry and Mr. Trivedi  to discuss his calling.  Mr. Trivedi was gifted by the Divine in 1995 with an incredible transformative power. He is able to transmit enormous quantities of energy which can change plants, animals, land, seeds and/or people on a nuclear level (on the level of the nucleus). He is also utterly humble, dedicated and has a very clear vision that this gift was given to be used to better the planet. Mahendra Trivedi says, “I call the Trivedi Effect the ‘independent model’ of happiness because you don’t need anyone or anything outside yourself for direction or real happiness. You have it all inside. The Trivedi Effect® empowers you to enjoy liberty and freedom in your own life. This phenomenon helps you access it. That is true spirituality.”   The Trivedi Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 created in 2009 to work in collaboration with major universities and research institutes throughout the world in order to establish a new scientific paradigm that will bring about lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and thus vastly improve the human condition through application of the Trivedi Effect®.
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Supporting The Energies of Change with Miss Magikal

December 18, 2012
Vickers Tree is excited to assist Miss Magikal in her commitment to see change in the world. Be part of the solution and enjoy the trip with music and insightful conversation.  You know you want to be there.   As we approach the End of 2012 and Winter Solstice, a New Paradigm is in sight. As Lightworkers we speak about a New World as we envision it and NOW its time to BE~the~CHANGE and make a real difference in the World, I invite you to Commit Random Acts of Kindness and create new projects that benefit others. My project, below, is a Fund-raising online Event (Sing~A~Thon) to raise money for the Orphans of Bali (The Jodie O'Shea Orphanage) on the 19th of December at 8pm GMT. If you want to help you can share this with others, Attend the event and invite your friends, you can also make a donation to the Orphanage directly.   The live online show will be on this channel   Please join the Facebook Event page too   http://   /395376967188237/?ref=ts&fref=ts  Thankyou in Advance ,,, Namaste  (:**:) MMcking in before show with Miss Magikal event. 
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Seeking the Celestial Sounds of Enlightenment

December 17, 2012
Anna Homler and Andrew Ramer reach for dramatic connections with a new language in music and heavenly voice in this interview with Cynastry. You are requested to be present and accounted for as they bend the fabric of space to bring you the updates heading to us for 12 21 12. We are in the mix now friends, we are counting down to 21 12 with so many wanting to catch some insight about this planetary line up,  Andrew here receives messages from the Angelic Realm, he has a gift to share. Anna is a musical sage bringing creative sounds into the studio allowing our mind to journey past ordinary perceptions. Andrew's published work includes books on angels and training tools for transformation.  His life’s work seems to be an integration of all of his loves. You will find in his writing a range of voices, some hisand some received, a term Andrew prefers to ‘channeled.’ Styles vary. Writing very long novels and very very short stories.    
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