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Vickers Tree welcomes Nanette Levin

July 11, 2010
Cynastry welcomes Nanette Levin to the Vickers Tree this week. Horses have provided peace, companionship, an education and spiritual enrichment for Nanette Levin for the past 46 years. For more than two decades, her focus has been on starting young horses under saddle and working with horses that have had their brains scrambled by prior handling. Today, she’s learning more from the horses than ever, and enjoying the opportunity to have the farm herd’s guidance on new things every day while they help to school a good number of the client equine kids that come in. Thirteen years ago, she also brought Gatsby into the mix, her incredibly intuitive assistant trainer, who also happens to be a 90-pound mutt. Known for her ability to reach horses that are considered beyond help, Nanette recognizes that building equine-person partnerships requires including the horse in the training conversation. This often results in horses that are excited about training (nickering at the sight of their rider), relish their jobs and strive beyond expectations to excel at human-horse team activities. Nanette is president of BookConductors® LLC ( and publisher of the Horse Sense and Cents™ book series. She owns Halcyon Acres®, an equine training and breeding facility (specializing in Irish Draught Sport Horses) on 117 acres of breath-taking land in the New York Finger Lakes area. Here, she works with client horses starting under saddle and troubled equines that have had a bad start. Visit her blog at for tips, stories and ideas on working with horses and to view sneak peak excerpts of “Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners” (available to the public in July). See some of the horses and landscapes at Halcyon Acres at Feel free to call her at (585) 554-4612 or (888) 875-3551.
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Vickers Tree welcomes Dr. Sharon Richlark B.A. B.ED.

July 04, 2010
Sharon Richlark B.A., B.Ed. Homeopath Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapist Bioresonance Therapy Sharon is in private practice in North Vancouver, BC where she extensively uses Homeopathy, Nutrition, Biotherapeautic Drainage including Bio-Resonance Therapy and Bio-Energentic Testing . Her specialty is the identification of the root causes of today’s many diseases. The testing provides an accurate picture of the accumulated blockages and imbalances which all lead to the root causes of disease and ill health. Her work encompasses the location of RNA, DNA viruses , chemical, metal s, parasites, bacteria, fungus /molds and vaccination damage. She exclusively uses a specialized clinical line of European Homeopathics and Botanicals plus other clinical natural remedies including concentrated whole food nutritional supplements. Sharon began her 20 years of training and experience by graduating from the Hanna Kroeger School of Natural Healing, in Boulder, Co. She is extensively trained in the Biotherapeutic Drainage model of European Homeopathy by the world’s leading doctors of Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine and Auricular Therapy. Sharon’s mandate is that there is no Disease except Congestion and no Cure but Circulation [email protected]
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Vickers Tree, Shamanism, Barbara Cyru

June 27, 2010
Barbara Cyru: I was born and raised in the U.S.A. and moved around pretty much every 2 years of my life whereby I live in Europe now. I was always looking for my home and never found it until now, after trying so many things and going so many different twisting routes, my inner journey was all about returning to my passion which is empowering others to enhance their true potential. My dad used to say “Home is where your Heart is” and my heart is to be right here with you. My lifelong journey of travels, 17 years of Spiritual Schooling, employment in the Counseling, Training & Teaching fields have given me the background, knowledge, skills, abilities, empathy and sensitivity to know how to motivate, empower and bring out the beauty that has always been within us and to show you the pathway to bring it out of you. I have saved peoples lives and there is nothing more beautiful than people finding their home or way back home within themselves, their peace and tranquility. I offer you: Life Transforming Motivational Classes, Empowering Classes & Tools for enhancing your life. I am also a Master Psychic with intuitive abilities, which assists me in guiding you to your true highest potential. When you join my membership site you receive themed sessions to help you along the way and plenty of time with me. Blessings, Barbara Cyru here is our store: with my book "Out of Cages into Your Hearts" Barbara Cyru: and here is our website :
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Vickers Tree Shamanism, Dagmar Ceki

June 20, 2010
Dagmar has 25yrs. experience in psychiatry, caretaking, education and social work with both- adult and young people-, in Germany, France and Sweden as well as private practice as counsellor and coach. 2002 - 2007 Ran a Meditation Center in SouthWest France together with Marita Léonie Niedenfuehr Dagmar's Medicine is to be your mirror, reflecting your true nature, beauty and brilliance. By looking into this mirror you will acknowledge your own potential and realize who you really are. Her deepest wish to help you realise your potential, become empowered, to live your life fully and share your gifts and talents with the world. When you work with me, your life will change, so please be prepared with a spiritual dedication of disciplines or with some dedication to your healing path. If you come without respect, and without deep listening,it will be neither satisfying nor digestible.-- If, on the other side you are truly committed we will succeed in seeing you bloom ... Adapting the techniques in the way of skilful means: Using what is the best to help you in this very moment. Dagmar studied with Dr. Joan Halifax/Anthropologist & Zen-Master . She was called to EarthWays,and was trained in the Traditional Shamanic Healing Ways of the Quero Apache for six years and in the Way of the Feminine by Magdala Ramirez/Mayan Priestess. Rainbowserpent's Medicine is beyond tradition and Dogma. It is neither bond to a lineage, religion nor tradition. It is the awareness that all sentient beings are children of Mother Earth. It is the realization that this is the time for us to come together as sisters and brothers in the Spirit of Oneness. The tools that root in me being a professional * Western Counsellor & Coach * Shamanic EarthLife Counsellor acknowledged by the Church of EarthWisdom * Reiki Master Dentho & Usui * Teacher of Silent Qi Gong ( EU-CHI Institute / Grandmaster Zhi Chang Li) * Natural Health Practitioner
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Vickers Tree Shamanism, Jill Marie Serenity Travels

June 13, 2010
This show provides an in depth view of modern and ancient shamanism, energetic healing practices and study. Cynastry is an avid student of metaphysics presently studying shamanism and look forward to sharing my journey with you. Jill Marie joins the show today. Live interview with Jill Marie from Montréal d’Aude, France Join us on June 13th for a stimulating discussion with Jill Marie on the topics of personal empowerment, the higher laws and transforming your life to one of ease, grace, harmony and abundance. In our upcoming interview with Jill Marie you will be offered opportunities to elevate your levels of conscious awareness and expand your threshold of mastery and abundance. Creating exactly what you desire with laser like focus and clarity is within your grasp when you vanquish the inner destroyer, deactivate the pain body and silence your random inner-dialog.
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VickersTree, Shamanism, Virginia O'Hara joins us.

June 06, 2010
This show provides an in depth view of modern and ancient shamanism, energetic healing practices and study. Cynastry is an avid student of metaphysics presently studying shamanism and look forward to sharing my journey with you. This week Virginia offers insight into her work. Virginia O'Hara is a delightful and insightful intuitive who has been and continues to be here serving Earth and all who dwell here with information from this earth and beyond for 30 years. She has trained and presented in 42 countries, with love, humor and hope. The simplicity with which she shares has a wonderful clarity that assists in a profound way your journey here and beyond this level.
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About Jill Marie



Jill Marie is the founder of SVH, a transformational healing and reformatting modality that works directly with the higher consciousness and the soul to effect change at every level. As a gifted clairaudient Jill Marie channeled the mechanisms and principles of this active form of prayer directly from the Creator.


Since the seeds of SVH were planted in 1996, practitioners of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique have expanded to encompass nearly twenty countries.


The offices of Serenity Ministries are currently in Eagle, Idaho and Montréal d’Aude in France. From these placements, community outreach projects and the hub of the ministry is buzzing with activity. Jill Marie implements global teleconference meditations, SVH tele-classes and private personal empowerment sessions. She also records lectures and discourses on specific topics that support personal empowerment, sovereignty and alignment with one’s sacred path and purpose. These free lectures are accessible to millions, through podcasts and as downloads from websites all over the globe.


The SVH global outreach program takes Jill Marie and other like minded individuals to sacred sites, energy sites and places of religious and historical significance. These destinations include Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Peru, Chile, Easter Island, Greece, and Turkey.


On these journeys the groups are messengers of peace and unity, working with battered women’s shelters, orphan homes and the Organization of Mother Teresa, in addition to missions to assist the elevation of collective consciousness.


These groups are committed to the purpose of bridging the cultural, religious and political gaps; supporting unity and peaceful alliances between peoples and countries. The director of these travels is a noted Egyptologist from Egypt, Elia Takla.


Upcoming Serenity Travels journeys include the 11-11 missions in India and the Grail Journey, which includes a one week extension walking the El Dorado trail.




VickersTree Shamanism,Karen Sussman Returns

May 30, 2010
This show provides an in depth view of modern and ancient shamanism, energetic healing practices and study. Cynastry is an avid student of metaphysics presently studying shamanism and look forward to sharing my journey with you. Karen Sussman returns to the Vickers Tree to bring updates on the Mustangs both educational behaviours of the wild horses and her sanctuary.
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Vickers Tree , Shamanism welcomes Melchizedek144

May 23, 2010
This show provides an in depth view of modern and ancient shamanism, energetic healing practices and study. Cynastry is an avid student of metaphysics presently studying shamanism and look forward to sharing my journey with you. This week Cynastry and Melchizedek 's topic is his light work. From Melchizedek, "I am Emanuehl servant for Unconditional Love & Limitless Light. I am here to assist with the ascension process of our dear Mother Earth. She is in the process of transforming her self into a radiant star of 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond." "I am here as a way shower and here to assist with the breaking of old paradigms that no longer serve us all." "I am here to re-mind my beloved brothers & sisters that we are much more than a physical body and to accelerate our frequency-frequently back into light." "I love connecting with souls of like heart and mind as together we are activating the love/light grid and ushering in a new age of love -the new reality." "I have been involved in spiritual studies, meditation and the healing arts since my walking into this vehicle in September of 1996. I`ve been involved with the Melchizedek Method since it`s inception in 1998 with Alton Kamadon and The Kamadon Academy and have completed all 5 levels. I am also a facilitator for all levels of The Melchizedek Method." Emanuehl is certified Reiki Master (levels 1,2 and 3), ceritifiedR.E.S.E.T (jaw balance technique) Practitioner, Metatronic healer/activator, Light, Colour and Sound therapy Healer/Activator working with the Cetaceans, Crystal and Angel energies. He is also a facilitator of Ascension Classes & Workshops and Guided Meditations, Writer, Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach. In Jan-Feb`99 completed the 21 day process to Living On Light shared by Jasmuheen through her experiences & guidelines in her book, Living On Light-A Personal Journey.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism and Diane Crump from Jock the movie

May 16, 2010
This show provides an in depth view of modern and ancient shamanism, energetic healing practices and study. Cynastry is an avid student of metaphysics presently studying shamanism and look forward to sharing my journey with you. Diane Crump First Generation of female Jockeys from Jock the Movie on Vickers Tree May 16th *A Leg Up – Diane Crump – 40^th Anniversary of the Kentucky Derby - 2010* Eventually everyone realized that in this sport of horse racing it’s hard to win no matter who you are. It takes hard work and perseverance. You’re out there at 5 a.m. getting on as many horses as you can every morning, struggling. As a woman I would have to gallop 20 horses to get named on one in a race. And that would be one nobody else wanted to ride. That went on for years and it’s still not equal. The fact that I was consistent and humble helped me I believe. I didn‘t have anything bad to say. I loved what I did and worked hard every day 7 days a week 365 days a year. I rode whatever I could. It took the steady grind to gain acceptance.
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