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Azra is a practicing Shaman who is currently a student in the Sage Program with The Four Winds Society. While recovering from a severe illness which rendered her blind for a period of approximately 2 years, Azra became acutely aware of the world of energy and its potential for healing. After becoming a Reiki Master, twice over, she realized that she was searching for more in depth study and found this when, through a series of synchronistic events, she connected with the all encompassing teachings of The Four Winds Society. Founded by Albert Villoldo, Ph.D., a psychologist and medical anthropologist, the School provides a scientific framework through which you learn the ancient Inka’s art of energy medicine. This shamanic work represents an ancient formula for transformation by shedding the past that restrains us. Indigenous healers have always understood that we live in a world of energy ~ all matter around us and within us is energy in motion. Our energetic field, referred to as the Luminous Energy Field by the Ancient Inka, contains the architectural blueprints which create and inform our physical form, the template of how we live, how we age, how we heal and how we might die. In order to heal deeply from illness and emotional issues, one needs to release these imprints from the energetic field. By using techniques such as Illumination, Soul Retrieval and Extraction, Azra works with clients to assist them in removing energy and re-writing self-limiting contracts that no longer serve them. By shifting, clearing and transforming these “dense” energies with light, the Luminous Energy Field can re-pattern the physical, emotional body and soul back to a state of wellness. In this way Shamanism can infuse one with the full spectrum of energy, joy and health which is our birthright. This form of Shamanism allows one to re-connect with your soul, experience the joy of life, open your heart and ground yourself to Mother Earth. By releasing the blocks that keep you from the miracle that you are, Azra can help to guide you to creating your own reality and dreaming the life that you want into being. Take one small step and the journey of a lifetime begins.


January 10, 2010
Healing the earth, stepping into our power to make change. How Shamanic connection can work to heal ourselves and the world around us. My guests this week are Azra a shaman of "The Four Winds Society" and Miss Magikal a wonderful musician who will be sharing a live drumming with us. I have two additional songs from Miss Magikal also to share with you. I just know you will enjoy both of these warm beautiful women and the energy they bring to any room. Both these friends are also members of the GoldRing. Azra shared this poem with us as a way of introducing herself: In the deep abyss of the dark night of my soul, Blinded in sight by my very might, The purple light returned so bright As it was, In the beginning, Before I embarked upon This incredible journey. ~ Azra ~ We will be active in the discovery of who Azra is as she reveals to us the meaning of this insight.
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Welcome to the Vickers Tree.


This site invites you to participate in a journey into Shamanic consciousness, while learning to appreciate a reverence for life - a nature connected life.  I welcome you to share this time to experiment in the quantum field as a student of the many mysteries of life.  Presently, I am completing my studies in Master Shamanism and will be bringing Shaman Elders onto the show to assist in our understanding and development.


Let us take a moment to make some considerations.


Every action is a response to a thought. Thoughts create emotions. Emotions stimulate the desire for action.


As you read these words do you reflect, consider and understand what drives you? It took a long time for me to truly understand the natural direction that exists within my own personal journey.


So, why this deep consideration? I would like you to let your mind wander as you peruse my page. Ask yourself ‘What does she have to offer that is so different from all those other sites?’ When you answer that question you just might be ready to listen to what it is I have to share with you.  It might also be the next right move for you to make.


Please check my website if you find something that resonates with you. Please ask me more questions. REVIEW again or participate right from here.  What I'm asking is that you make the next move that is right with you and your feelings.


I hope very much that what I intend to share is the next step on your journey.



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