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November 16, 2012
And you know Africa isn't for sissys! Sheryl brings a world of insight into the experience of Africa. Transported in time and space to the United States, she shares a perspective unique and of rich heritage.  Sheryl also brings her incredible gift of teaching from the school of  Deepaks.  Join Cynastry and Sheryl in a always sincere conversation of two minds from very different backgrounds interacting on the stage of life. Dreamers will like this format, adventurers will want to come and play with us and the people wishing they had the will to participate can safely expand their mind. We arrive in Africa watching a scene unfold for the wild at heart. We talk of lions, elephants, horses, and travel.  This is a day to remember.
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November 05, 2012
Cynastry IN the company of Shamans Papa Wango and Djaly...  introduced through Chantal.Staerkle. World-renowned for their inspired performances of traditional Mali tribe music, Papa Wango and Djaly take their calling quite seriously, and with great reverence. African Mali rituals, long held in secret, are considered one of the most powerful and exotic forms of magic the world has ever seen. Practiced for thousands of years, this magic is considered principal to living, mainly throuh the intense power behind creation and assuring the integral health of the spirit. Papa Wango and Djaly perform their music (which ranges from traditional African styles to even rock and pop sung in Bambara, English, German, French and Spanish) in hopes of entertaining first, but also healing, helping and freeing others. They have presented on radio and television around the world and through their current world tour look to raise money and awarness for African Mali children in need. Acting as their Canadian agent, I am now able to arrange public appearances, events or even private sessions with these extraordinarily talented and personable individuals.   Nephew to Papa Wango, Djaly is also skilled in "kauri" shell reading, providing never-before-seen insights into a person's past, present and future. Djaly takes great pride in being able to help and heal others through his music. Using the African family tradition to guide people from their past into their future sets Djaly apart as he looks to provide his gifts openly to one and all.   
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November 01, 2012
Cynastry welcomes Shera to the show. Here the dance of the mind transforms the moment with a spirited discussion on gifts of a natural kind.  Shera was born Roberta Flynne Motherwell.  Prior to moving into her passion of the intuitive arts,  Shera began working as a professional clairvoyant in 1983. She has done intuitive consulting sessions throughout Western Canada, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Eastern Canada, the United States, and Bermuda. She has participated in radio-television open line talk shows reading voice energy and answering listener’s questions. These shows have also been heard from Baltimore, Maryland through to the west coast. Shera appeared as a regular on Charles Adler’s Hot Talk show. Her experience is diverse - ranging from clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, numerology, psychometry, auric fields, mediumship, palmistry, chakras, channelling healing energies, to dream interpretations and hypnosis. She studied gestalt, dream analogy, colour, sound and vibration, intuitive awareness with Patricia Hayes (who was mentored by medium, Arthur Ford). Farrell has taught classes in intuitive awareness. Shera reads from the auric energy field which is the energy emanating from the person or surrounding the individual. The aura enables her to see relationships and their dynamics surrounding the individual. This aids her with coaching in relationship interactions. Shera speaks about future, existing and former relationships. She also communicates with loved ones that have ;; 
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October 31, 2012
A Goddess connection. Join two women as they share their journey to wholeness. Sheryl and Cynastry discuss the gifts that come with the transition into personal empowerment. Discussion today. Understanding your brain How God changes your brain, breakthrough findings from leading Neuroscientists How well do you know your brain? What is this Fight or Flight thing really all about? Your most important asset – your brain    Lesson 101..
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A Therapeutic Approach For a Balanced Life

October 26, 2012 Cynastry welcomes Angie Payne to the Tree today. Angie believes that with the help of horses we can learn to live a more balanced life: emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Her therapeutic approach is an equine facilitated, exploratory and experiential process encouraging a true transformation in the thinking habits of the client. Negative experiences and traumatic events often fill us with problematic stories about who we are; Angie encourages her clients to recognize who they are in the present moment. She guides her clients through exploring the choices they have made or are currently making, developing awareness and integrating an action-based plan in working towards their future aspirations. Clients are empowered to create, for themselves, the positive life they want to live.
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A Day After Impact

October 24, 2012
A Goddess connection. Join two women as they share their journey to wholeness. Sheryl and Cynastry discuss the gifts that come with the transition into personal empowerment.  These have been tumultuous times for many people and it is not often understood why during the process things can seem so hard to traverse. Yet with courage, joy and laughter the outcomes are beyond our expectation in rewards. This is our [email protected] Sheryl is a member of the  network please join us there.
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VICKERS TREE Finding the Right OM Manna with David Pilz

December 18, 2011
David Pilz returns to the Vickers Tree with stories of the elixirs of life.  OmMANNA is one of the only natural manifestations of Monoatomic or Ormus GOLD found on the planet. The source is found on the sacred lands of the sanctioned Starnation Lodge and Ceremony grounds on OmHaven Ranch. The White Gold Powder secret is a historic Quantum Physics Science kept alive throughout our many human incarnations and civilizations. Restoration of Youth & Vitality  Specialty Sacrament, Elixir, Alchemy  Amplifies Medicinal Plants & Salves Fuel Cells, Superconductivity Cell Regeneration, Medicinal Applications  Ultimate Crop, Cattle & Produce Fertilizer  Metaphysical, ESP & Paranormal Awakening  Enhanced Performance, Health & Lifestyle Fuels the Instant Manifestation of Thought  Nuclear Radiation Shield & Protection   OmMANNA is birthed and harvested right at the very source of its creation, from within the very heart of Mt. Ida as pure monatomic gold to be shared with humanity as an aid and response to current environmental conditions. 
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December 04, 2011
“Let Food Be Your Medicine….” Naturopath and Metaphysician, Malana Ashlie talks about the energy information of food and how that information forms who we are. Find out what makes us fat, what makes us unhealthy; what foods maintain life, what gives life and which foods take life away. Malana Ashlie holds degrees in naturopathy, herbal sciences and a PhD in Metaphysics. She is a student of subtle energy and uses these sciences to enhance her spiritual gifts as an empath, and clairaudient. Her desire to discover the core of chronic disorders opened pathways to study with traditional Elders of Mayan and Hawaiian cultures along with teachers of sacred traditions of N. America. Melding sciences with the wisdom of the ancients creates the insight she offers in her writing, consultations, workshops and the retreats she facilitates. “ The answers to all is revealed as we learn to release the obvious.”
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November 27, 2011
MANIFESTING - The Gift That Is YOU The most beautiful gift you can give yourself this Christmas is discovering your inner power - and the ability that you have hidden deep within you to manifest and create whatever you want.  This is the true gift of life.  We all have it. But where is it? It seems that for so many people we spend our lives searching and searching for something on the outside, when the real answers are already there on the inside. Special guest speaker Darren Little, CEO of MLM Superhero and co-author of MLM Affiliate Magic will talk about how to tap into your inner power, breathrough your fears, release your baggage and become a master manifester to create your own  reality. What is it that you truly want?   You have the answers within you.  This may just be the key that will unlock your hidden treasure and open up a world of amazing possibilities.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism Jan Diana on Loving Relationships

July 03, 2011
Finding the love you deserve when you are allowing only the very best in your life. Join us in the discussion of the 'YOU' in power. JAN DIANA It is my soul purpose to assist the evolving Masters of this world to remember that they are love. My purpose is to assist you.” INTUITIVE HEALER A highly intuitive healer and master practitioner that can easily identify the areas of limitation and blocks to your personal empowerment and the things that are blocking you from being able to reach the ideals that you are choosing. Her life has been filled with the joy of discovering pathways that lead to solutions. She always had a sense that the truth is available and that there are always answers. Years ago I became very ill and was unable to find a quick solution. Through this experience, I began to understand that health, well-being and balance in my body and life, is a reflection of inner harmony.
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