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Vickers Tree Shamanism Spirit and the Partial Solar Eclipse

June 30, 2011
Finding your own light! Gary and Cynastry discuss the July 1st  partial solar eclipse and manifestation. Join us!
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Vickers Tree Shamanism Chakras with Maureen Reney

June 26, 2011
    About sage butterfly... As an author, speaker, workshop leader, yoga & meditation instructor AND animal enthusiast, Maureen's love of learning and teaching what she learns is one of her greatest passions. She has been a consultant in the many uses of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) for over 20 years working with all size businesses as well as individuals to increase communication and awareness of life direction. Maureen "Reney" Kelly As a Yoga & Meditation Instructor (teaching what she calls "Chakra Yoga"), the writing of Energy Types has also 'spawned' a workshop of the same name that integrates personality type, Chakras (Energy Fields), Yoga and breathing techniques and more. This combination provides tangible keys to balance on all levels, be they physical, emotional or spiritual. Maureen "Reney" Kelly Trust in the Magic. (360) 920-1125      
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Vickers Tree Shamanism OMHAVEN 'THE GATHERING'

June 18, 2011
Tonight at 7pm MST, White Star speaks about 'The Gathering' event that is taking place at OmHaven Ranch over the next week ... don't miss the ongoing live broadcasts from here as we send to you, the planet and the universe over the radio waves. Gatherings with David (The Oracle) Pilz. David Pilz (, aka White Star carries the Starnation pipe, and a Golden Eagle spirit whistle and stated he would be honored to share with others in ceremony and offer those teachings that you feel would be appropriate at this time. David is an author and consultant, often being recognized as an expert in metaphysics and paranormal phenomena. As an instructor of national recognition he has moderated an international online discussion group (now on Facebook) since 1996. He has also been recognized by many different Native communities, Spiritual Organizations, Fish and Wildlife, Holistic Systems and Cultures for his shamanic style work. u, the planet and the universe over the radio waves.
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June 12, 2011
This Show was edited for better listening. We welcome Stefan and his great experience in healing to the show. Everyone is talking healing these days let's hear what an expert has to say. Stefan is a healer, teacher and motivational speaker. He has given many thousands of healings and likes to share his experience in order for people to find inspiration and healing. To accomplish this, Stefan hosts the Shuem Soul Experience a radio show that explores wider states of being as a practical approach to experience greater oneness in our life personally and globally. The show includes a free healing session. Stefan’s life changed rapidly when he met Shuem Healing in 1992. It soon became clear he has a special talent for healing one’s deeper feelings and emotions. Since then he has given many thousands of healing sessions and in 2000 started to teach the Professional Healer Training. Clients and students experience Stefan’s approach as a great help to find a deeper sense of fulfillment, trust and openness in everyday life.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism Seeking the Wild with Kestrel

June 09, 2011
Kestral is a BTR Host known as the DaKestrel.  He is a animal spirit card reader and known intuitive.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism Cultivating the Zone

June 09, 2011
Shaman John, Gary and Cynastry explore the tools to Cultivate the Zone right here on our Council Fire Along the Good Red Road.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism with Patty Fairchild

June 05, 2011
Patty Fairchild was a  California State Humane Officer for 27 years. After retiring, she started out training animals for the movie industry, and has become involved in the production aspect. Right now Patty is involved in producing a second film, "Angel Horse", which Ed Asner has given his commitment. We are now in various stages of development for this film.  Says Patty, "I find this field of interest to ALWAYS be exciting and new, plus it has helped me to expand my professional capabilities and love of animals. I LOVE IT!" [email protected]
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Vickers Tree Shamanism with Author Kanta Bosniak

May 29, 2011
  "Inside-Out Change" with Kanta Bosniak   This Sunday we are delighted to speak with  Kanta Bosniak. She is an author, artist, coach and interfaith minister with over 40 yrs. experience an educator in Spiritual Growth and Guided Meditation. She illustrates her publications with playful drawings and vibrant, color-rich cover art, so that readers and CD listeners can enjoy owning her work. More information, visit Books: Lose Weight in Alpha State: Weight Loss as a Joyous Spritual Journey Surviving Cancer and Other Tough Stuff; This summer: Abundance Triggers   CDs: Lose Weight in Theta State; Surviving Cancer: A Sacred Journey Abundance Triggers: A Journey of Self- discovery
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Vickers Tree Shamanism Council Fire Along The Good Red Road

May 26, 2011
Virtual Sacred Lakota Pipe Ceremony   Come join Cynastry and Gary and be part of our circle, as we create sacred space. We will be performing a traditional Native American Lakota Cannupa Wakan (Sacred Pipe) ceremony.  Let us all pray and set intentions for one another, for the earth, or for ourselves in this authentic ceremony. This ceremony will be done in the traditional Lakota manner. Please feel free to call in, or send prayers into the chat room to be read aloud on the air.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism with Nadine May Ascension Author

May 22, 2011
Our Guest this week  Nadine May. Her field of interest is the ascension journey. She is a visionary fiction author and the managing director of Kima Global Publisher's imprint: THE POWER OF WORDS. Together with her partner, Robin Beck, the publisher of Kima Global, they publish books that make a difference to people's lives. Awakening to ascension series have the following purpose.. First awakening novel The Awakening Clan Ingrid, one of Annelies students, writes how her reality changes due to her own desire to awaken her soul purpose. Annelies’ ascension workshop teaches types of decoding exercises in order to activate the genetic cellular memory of her students. The two follow up novels: The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller, Once the human observer/ co-creator starts to understand why the 22 spacings,The Language of Light frequencies and the journals (novels) had to be written the way they are, the decoding student will awaken to the awareness that in order to manifest our Body Codes of Light, we need to restore our cellular memory back to the right frequencies. Only then will our light body template be restored back into its original blueprint. 
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