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Vickers Tree Shamanism Celebrating 1st year Anniversary Show

December 19, 2010
Come join the celebration for our first year of airing this show. Inviting all previous guests to take a moment to call in and share the excitement and what they have been doing. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season. THANKS FOR LISTENING! YOU REALLY DO MAKE SUNDAYS SPECIAL.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism Margrit Coates returns

December 12, 2010
Margrit will be with us to discuss her new book "Angel Pets". There are angels all around us and many are in animal form. This book is full of stories about Margrit's work as an animal healer and pet psychic. It shows you how working in this way leads to miracles both for an animal and for you. The book is packed with tips on how to be an animal communicator and hear what your pet is saying to you - miracles are just around the corner. 5 star book rating on Amazon. Available from all good book stores worldwide. Margrit has been featured in numerous magazines and publications and has written columns for publications including for the Daily Mail newspaper. Margrit has also been featured in several TV programs and gives frequent radio interviews about her work. The book is packed with tips on how to be an animal communicator and hear what your pet is saying to you - miracles are just around the corner. 5 star book rating on Amazon. Available from all good book stores worldwide. As well as being the world's leading animal healer, Margrit is also a renowned animal communicator. This is not something that Margrit has learned to do from someone else - from a child Margrit has had highly developed psychic senses. She is clairaudient (hearing messages from animals), clairsentient (picking up sensations from the animal to sense how they feel) and clairvoyant (seeing images and other information).;
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Vickers Tree Shamanism welcomes Dr. Sutter

December 05, 2010
We are so pleased to speak with Dr. Sutter this Sunday, author of the Healing Paradigm. Born Nov 12, 1948. Had a great life until Nov 10, 1971. Well, almost great. I was in Vietnam from March 14th 1970 to Feb 14th 1971. But before that it was great. Had a wonderful childhood. Dad was a Chiropractor so I never got the vaccinations and of course never took any drugs. Which I can honestly say to this day. I've never taken a prescription drug or OTC drug. I did get vaccinated in the army but once a medic I forged the vaccination documents. And since then have detoxed all those chemicals out of me. Nov 10th 1971 was the day I discovered what being sick is. 33 years, 9 months, 14 days, 4 hours and 20 minutes later I got my life back, no longer sick. 8 PM August 22, 2005. That's a long time sick. I learned a lot. Discovered and put together the Natural Healing Paradigm. Discovered what the medical paradigm is. Discovered the order of cleansing necessary to recover from "Terminal". Came up with the true definition of health. And the definition of food. Have written four books but only push the last one: "The Paradigm Shift in Health Care". I'm very familiar with the political workings of the planet. Who's really in charge and why its such a mess. I was a firebase and grunt medic in Vietnam. Including the 12 days in May Northern Incursion into Cambodia of May 1970. (Where Hell is actually physically located on this planet). The past 10 years I've been teaching the Natural Healing Paradigm and counseling people back from "terminal". Fortunately most people aren't terminal and can prevent terminal from ever happening to them. I sell no products. I make no commissions on any of the products I suggest.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism welcomes Rachel Jessop

November 28, 2010
There was something that captivated Rachel about horses from early in her life, an indescribable attraction. Was it their looks or presence? She’s not sure. But she did know she wanted to be around them from an early age. At twelve her dream was realized when she got her first horse. Her intuition was confirmed: A life with horses in it was the only way to go. However, understanding these gorgeous creatures was not as straightforward as she had imagined. Natural Horsemanship helped her with that. Learning how to get a true connection with horses on a whole other level was a demanding and exhilarating journey. Her passion grew, and she knew she had to share the incredible connection she had discovered, becoming a horsemanship coach and instructor. She loves seeing people learn and excel with their horses. She also loves encouraging people to believe in themselves and let the horse take them on a wondrous journey of uncovering their dreams. As an author driven to leave a legacy to her daughter, Rachel has combined her writing skills, horsemanship knowledge, and a dash of imagination to share her journey of discovering how to live where nothing holds her back on the road to achieving all of her dreams. Rachel’s deepest desire is to bless her daughter, the horses, all people young at heart who are looking to reach their dreams, and especially the orphans who deserve to see their dreams with horses come true. Rachel currently lives in Hamilton, Montana with her incredible husband Don and beautiful daughter, Shona Angelina. She loves being a horsemanship instructor and coach, wife, mother, and author. But most important, she enjoys learning and heading toward new and stimulating growth as she fulfills more dreams by “Living where nothing holds her back.” My book website is You tube links:
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Vickers Tree Shamanism welcomes Jan Diana

November 21, 2010
This show explores our connection with world as energy around us. Jan will share her experience and work as a highly intuitive healer and master practitioner that can easily identify the areas of limitation and blocks to your personal empowerment and the things that are blocking you from being able to reach the ideals that you are choosing. Her life has been filled with the joy of discovering pathways that lead to solutions She has always had a sense that the truth is available and that there are always answers. Years ago Jan became very ill and was unable to find a quick solution. Through this experience, Jan began to understand that health, well-being and balance in my body and life, is a reflection of inner harmony. Courses and Sessions available 1 510 364-6605 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1 510 364-6605      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (California, USA) [email protected]
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Vickers Tree Shamanism speaks with Joe Camp

November 14, 2010
Joe Camp is the creator of the canine superstar Benji and the writer, producer, and director of all five Benji theatrical films and various television programs. He has authored several books, including Benji and Me, Benji Off the Leash, For the Love of Benji, Oh Heavenly, Dog Training Book, and including various children’s books. Joe spends a great deal of time speaking around the country on behalf of kids, homeless pets, and recently, proper care for horses. he lives with his wife, Kathleen and three stepchildren, five dogs (including Benji), two cats, and seven horses (including Cash) in Valley Center, California. For more about Joe and for a reading group guide, visit
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Vickers Tree Shamanism welcomes Susun Weed

November 07, 2010
Cynastry speaks with Susun Weed this show. Susun Weed, is the author of the Wise Woman Herbal Series. Her health books for women present Wise Woman approaches to common women's ailments including menopause, childbearing, fertility, cancer prevention and treatment, breast health, and reproductive health. Susun Weed offers women safe and easy solutions to common problems, visit her at for 3000 pages of Wise Woman wisdom and wit. Join the Wise Woman Ezine for articles on women's personal empowerment and wellbeing. Go to the forum for support and networking with likeminded women. Listen to Susun Weed's engaging weekly radio show at Read women's e-news, view women’s art, read and post poems at our weblog Browse thousands of articles, recipes, and more at All free all the time, knowledge is empowerment, herbal medicine is people’s medicine, join us now.
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Vickers Tree Shamanism with Robbie Nelson and Marisa Morin and Ashnandoah

October 31, 2010
This broadcast will be a simulcast with the GoldRing shows. Both Cynastry and Ash will cohost with guests Robbie Nelson and Marisa Morin, ground breakers in the fields of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Healing with Horses. The Buffalo Woman Ranch is a place where sanctuary is already present. Our ministry invites people to experience their wholeness as it is already present within themselves. Integral to this process are the animals who share in this ministry. Co-Founder Robbie Nelson Occupational Therapist, Epona Approved Instructor, Energy Kinesiology Practitioner, Co-founder of the Buffalo Woman Ranch. She has studied homeopathy and herbs as well as Chinese and Tibetan energy medicine; her deep connection with the earth fuels her passion for plant medicine. Robbie is eclectic in her spirituality and integrates ceremony, celtic shamanism and expressive arts in her lifework. She honors “The Way of The Horse” as a grounded and heart centered path to assisting others in their growth, and it is her life’s joy to share this medicine path along with co-founder and life-partner Charlie and the Buffalo Woman Ranch herd. Marisa Morin Medical Intuitive and Animal Communicator par excellence, Marisa has over 20 years equestrian experience. Starting with a background in biochemistry and dolphin field research, she has taken her profound psychic talents to work in cutting edge equine experiential programs, spent time with wild mustangs in herd settings, and provides equine communication for some top racing and training stables.
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Nasrin Safai is an internationally known lecturer in the field of esoteric spirituality.  Author of seven books in the field of metaphysics; she brings messages from the realms of the Spiritual Masters, Guides and Angels.  Nasrin is the founder of the Foundation for the Attainment of God-Unity (FAGU), the creator of Waves of Bliss  and the co-founder of Path to Enlightenment Mystery School and PTE Academy (soon to be launched). Nasrin conducts Public Group Channeling Sessions where hundreds of people gather from around the world via conference call. Nasrin attended Chelsea School of Art in London, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, a Masters Degree in Environmental Planning from Nottingham University in England and did her Doctoral Studies in the role of women in the development of the third world. She has taught at Harvard University and other Universities around the world. Presently she holds the post of Professor of Esoteric Spirituality at Universal Seminary, where materials from her books are taught for college credit.James Foster, AIA is co-founder and Managing Director of PTE Mystery School and PTE Academy.  He designs all Home Study Courses and collaborates in conducting live group channeling courses. James was born and raised in a small town in Iowa and received a Degree in Energy Systems Engineering and Masters Degree in Architecture from Iowa State University. Jim provides Architectural and Project Management Consulting Services nationally and internationally through his companies, JMF Group, LLC and Kumas One Concepts, LLC.PTE Mystery School was founded in 2009 by Nasrin Safai and James Foster. To read more, go to Path to Enlightenment Mystery School.  Coupon code: 4031 is $30 off on Home Study Courses at the Mystery School.Books by Nasrin SafaiPath to Enlightenment, Book I, The Pillar of Light. Waves of Bliss Publishing 2008. ISBN 978-0-9821302-0-9.Path to Enlightenment, Book II, The Golden Throne. Waves of Bliss Publishing 2008. ISBN 978-0-9821302-1-6.Path to Enlightenment, Book III, The Seed of Life. Waves of Bliss Publishing 2009. ISBN 978-0-9821302-2-3.Gifts from Ascended Beings of Light: Prayers, Meditation, Mantra and Journeys for Soul Growth – Gifts I. Agapi Publishing, 2003. ISBN 0-974-5058-003Gifts of Practical Guidance for Daily Living: Healing, Protection, Manifestation, Enlightenment – Gifts II. Waves of Bliss Publishing, 2005. ISBN 0-9767035-1-3.Gifts from the Masters of Light: Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness – Gifts III. Waves of Bliss Publishing, 2005. ISBN 0-9767035-0-5.Gifts of Wisdom and Truth from the Masters of Light: Tools for Clearing, Release, Abundance and Empowerment – Gifts IV. Waves of Bliss Publishing, 2005. ISBN 0-9767035-2-1.E-Book by James Foster and Nasrin Safai: Journey to Higher Dimensions with Archangel Michael, Waves of Bliss Publishing, 2009.Coupon Code: BOOK5 is $5.00 off each of the books in the Gift series and/or Path to Enlightenment series. (coupon not valid for e-book)Visit our book store at:

Vickers Tree Shamanism welcomes M.J. Milne

October 24, 2010
On 10-24-10 you will learn how to remove the veil to find your powerful, true self. Join us to discover the secret of the 12 GOLDEN KEYS! *You are invited to hear the author talk about how to live consciously as Soul intended. M. J. Milne says: "We are powerful visionaries. We are the only beings on this planet that we know of, who are conscious of our consciousness. We have the ability to consciously evolve and we're finally taking responsibility to create a world we want to live in. First, we need to remove the veil that keeps us from our inner guidance." *M. J. Milne will talk about the twelve strategies to create your world, your way. The 12 GOLDEN KEYS are a powerful toolbox for tackling the challenges of a world in transition and a catalyst to reignite your spiritual quest. By practicing key exercises, you can co-create and change your life, reclaim contentment to live abundantly as Spirit intended, and take your place within the "New Earth" consciousness. *These 12 Keys are for people of all spiritual paths and religious backgrounds. Everyone is welcome! M. J. Milne, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada V7N 4M [email protected] | * Where can my listeners purchase your book? Order it from the website: using PayPal or credit card. Ask your local bookstore to order it for you. Ask your local Library to bring it in for you. Also, purchase it from
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