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Spirit-guided preaching and teaching from the pulpit of Victory Tabernacle Church; featuring Reverends Yohn and Mrs. Hoover.

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"Press Through"

December 03, 2014

Luke 8:43 This woman had gone everywhere and tried everything to rid herself of her disease. She was out of money, out of ideas and hopeless. Then she heard about Jesus and in great faith she reached out to Him and was healed. Jesus is the Balm in Gilead. Jesus is the Great Physician. Don’t trifle with the Word of God, but hold onto it and believe. Rev. Yohn / 12-3-14

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"Lessons from the Potter's House"

November 30, 2014
Jeremiah 18:1-6 God instructed Jeremiah to go to the Potter’s house and there he observed the potter making a jar of clay. As the clay is in the potter’s hands, so are we in God’s hands. When man strives against his Creator, trouble is on the way, but a humble heart prays, “God, help me to be what you want me to be”. Do you love God enough to give up those things you’ve been holding on to? God has something so much better for you. Are you willing to put yourself on the potter’s wheel? Rev. Yohn / 11-30-14 Sun Eve
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"Finding the Lost"

November 23, 2014
Luke 15:1-24 God welcomes the repentant with open arms. He longs for them to come. The Good Shepherd goes out and seeks for the lost and when He finds them He carries them home with rejoicing. The Angels in Heaven also rejoice every time one sinner repents. Like the Prodigal son, many people are pulling away from the Lord, after awhile they become all mixed up. The prodigal son rebelled against his father, but when he reached the lowest point of his life, he came to himself. When one that was rebellious comes home, the Father runs to meet them. Some of you have been praying and crying for your lost children. Don’t give up. Keep praying, one day those rebellious children will come home. Rev. Yohn / 11-23-14 Sun Morn
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"Move the Stone"

November 23, 2014
John 11:32-44 God is never late. He is always right on time. Life is a series of ups and downs. It is ever changing, but God is constant. When you are hurt, when you are going through pain and suffering, God cares and He is moved with compassion. Sometimes God brings a stirring into our lives to teach us something, to prepare us to receive the blessing that He has for us and to answer the cry from our heart. Sometimes there is a hindrance in our lives that we need to let go. Jesus commanded that the stone be moved, so that Lazarus could come forth. God is not late. Often He is waiting on us to learn and to listen. Is there a stone in your life? Rev. Yohn/11-23-14 Sun Eve
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"The Word of God"

November 19, 2014
Romans 10:17 When you enter into God’s Word, great things will happen. In the Word of God you will find God’s will for your life and it will stir up your faith and cause it to grow. To live a truly successful life, know and live the Word of God. Rev. Yohn / 11-19-14 Wed
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"Seeing God's Glory"

November 16, 2014
Exodus 33:18-23 As we feast upon the good things of God, our faith grows. We cannot understand the greatness of God’s goodness and glory. It is found in His creation and His care for it; it’s found in His name, in the cross, in the resurrection… it cannot be described. When the glory of God is seen, people begin to believe. Rev. Yohn / 11-16-14 Sun Eve
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“Where Have You Pitched Your Tent?”

November 16, 2014
Gen 12:1-8 Abraham had to come out of the place of sin and then God blessed him and his family. He built an altar away from his enemies, pitched his tent and dwelt where he could hear from God. When our soul is camped close to the enemy we become scared, but close to God, we hear His voice and He will bring us through. Get away from the enemy camp and get as close to God as you can. Rev. Yohn / 11-16-14
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"Getting the Attention of The Master

November 12, 2014
Luke 19:1-6 The world works so hard to crowd out Jesus. Zacchaeus made up his mind that he was going to see Him. When someone is determined to get God’s attention, He will look at them. Seek to know God more. Get God’s attention. Seek Him because of who He is. He wants us to get His attention. He is looking for those who will. Don’t let the doubters and the world crowd out what you know is true. Determine to see Him, determine to know Him and determine to call upon His name. Rev. Hoover / 11-12-14 Wed
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"God has a cake on the fire for You"

November 02, 2014
1 King 19:4-8 After a man or woman of God has fought and won a battle, there is often a time of fainting; of weariness. But God knows what His people need. If you feel this way today, God has a cake on the fire for you. He will strengthen and sustain you. All you have to do it partake of it. Rev. Yohn / 11-2-14 Sun Eve
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"With Unbelief You Will Not Have the Blessing"

November 02, 2014
Numbers 13:30-14:4; John 10:10 God never intends for any Christian to stay in the wilderness, but that they should walk into the promised land of abundant life. To receive it there must be the exercise of belief. The doubting heart will not receive the blessing. Take hold of what God has said. Believe in Him. We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. • Abundant life is for every believer • Unbelief with rob you of the blessing • Unbelief causes a loss of hope and a desire to return to a previous lifestyle Rev. Yohn / 11-2-14 Sun Morn
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