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Victory Tabernacle Sermons
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Spirit-guided preaching and teaching from the pulpit of Victory Tabernacle Church; featuring Reverends Yohn and Mrs. Hoover.

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"Will ye also go away?"

October 08, 2014

John 6:66-69 Do you have the backbone to be faithful to God; even if you must stand alone? God is looking for people who will stand and swim against the tide. We need to check the condition of our soul everyday. Waiting until Sunday is not good enough. You must make a determination, with the help and grace of God, to remain faithful to Him. The God who has saved you is more than able to keep you. Rev. Yohn / 10-8-14 Wed

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"Satisfied and Renewed"

October 05, 2014

Psalms 103:1-5 God wants to satisfy our hearts and souls. He did not save us to be discontented. God is the provider of all the good things in life. He comes with gracious operations to provide everything we need in this life. When you receive those good things, the benefits from God, you are restored, renewed and strengthened. Our soul needs that nourishing from the Lord; it craves to hear and receive from the Lord. You don’t get the strength for next week today, you need to commune with God everyday. We need that constant renewal. We are not to feel victorious one day and defeated the next. We need to be renewed day by day, that we rise up with strength like an eagle. The eagle is renewed because he eats what he is supposed to eat. He isn’t out there looking for garbage. We need to partake of the good seed of the Word and the Bread of Life. Rev. Yohn / 10-5-14 Sun Eve

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"Tuned in to God"

October 01, 2014

John 3:1-8 / primary verse 8 Some folks try to do the things of God in the flesh, but we must stick with worshiping Christ in spirit and in truth. Nicodemus didn’t understand Jesus’ words. He wasn’t receiving the words because he didn’t have a receiver. How to set-up to receive from God: ...

Evangelist McMickin / 10-1-14

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“We Live unto the Lord”

September 28, 2014

Romans 14:7-9 We belong to God because He has created us, but we are given the choice of whether we are going to serve Him or not. We are not to live unto ourselves, pleasing ourselves. Christians are to do the will of the Lord, to serve Him, scatter the “Good Seed” and bring in the Harvest. God is faithful to take care of us and everything that we surrender to Him. He is faithful even unto death. Rev Yohn / 9-28-14

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A Temporary Prison

September 26, 2014

Acts 16:24-34 Sometimes Christians must go through a trial of faith so that others may come to know Christ.

Rev. Yohn / 9-14-14 Sun Eve

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The Table Prepared

September 14, 2014

“Thou preparest a table before me”. This table is a big banquet table filled with a feast; it isn’t just an empty piece of furniture. God does it right because He intends for us to be satisfied. God prepared it for you. God wants to serve you...

A Sunday Morning Sermon taught by Rev. Yohn / Psalms 23

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