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The best USF sports podcast in the history of the internet. And possibly the only one too.

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Unnamed USF Podcast 2-22-17

February 23, 2017

Live! In-studio! USF athletic director Mark Harlan joins TDS's Collin Sherwin and Nate Bond. We discuss the state of USF men's basketball, the progress of the feasibility group towards on-campus stadium for football, the progress and successes of recent months, and lots of other things in a freewheeling conversation.

We did this from the WBUL studios in the Marshall Center. Shoutout to USF starting pitcher Shane McClanahan and backup quarterback Brett Kean for waving at us in the middle of taping through the window. 

It's a must listen for any Bulls fan, and thanks again to Mark for the time.

Listen   32:41

Unnamed USF Podcast 10-4-16

October 06, 2016

In this week’s episode, Paul Leistner and Carl Zee recap USF 45, Cincinnati 20. They look at the first half defensive struggles, the lights out offense & special teams, and begin to preview ECU for what should (again, SHOULD) be a nice USF Homecoming win.

Collin showed up late due to Tampa traffic, so we cut a lot of the same repeating out of it so you don’t have to hear the same takes from everyone twice.

It’s as terrible as we always are, but if you like what we normally do you’ll enjoy it. Also we give Paul a baby shower gift live on air!

Also we’ll have a nice surprise for everyone next week.

Listen   34:45

Unnamed USF Podcast 9-27-16

September 28, 2016

This week Collin Sherwin, Paul Leistner, and Carl Zee wrapup the debacle that was the last 56 minutes of the FSU-USF game.

We also mention the team failing to stay out for the alma mater postgame (unlike every other team on-campus after a win or loss), the future years football schedule, the Willie Taggart to LSU odds (6-1 on Bovada!!), and begin to preview Cincinnati this weekend. 

We also talk about the loss of Asiantii Woulard, other USF sports (go women's soccer!), and rip Plies again for not having a tailgate. 

We do a bit more cursing than usual, so sorry about that. We'll try and do better next time.

Listen   47:57

Unnamed USF Podcast 9-23-16 FSU Part Two

September 23, 2016
Live from Collin's dining room, at 12:10 a.m. on a Friday morning, Jamie DeVriend and Collin Sherwin go over everything FSU. Which unit could cost the Bulls the game? Where can they attack the partially-depleted Seminoles? And how will it feel to be at Ray Jay on Saturday for the first meaningful game in years? We've had a lot of fun this week, and that should extend until Saturday. Can't wait to feel what's it like to watch a huge USF football game again.
Listen   0:00

Unnamed USF Podcast 9-21-16 FSU Part One

September 21, 2016

It's FSU Week! We'll of course have lots of #content, but this might be the best. Collin Sherwin, Paul Leistner, and Carl Zee welcome FSU grads and friends Hoyt Prindle and Greg LaManna to discuss the biggest game at Ray Jay in years.

Hoyt's rant to open the podcast is so FSU fan, it should be transcribed on Renegade's back. Seriously, just take it in all its glory.

We also discuss how hurt is Dalvin Cook, where's Jimbo Fisher coaching next season, can USF give FSU as much trouble in zone read as Louisville, and every other topic relating to the game. As for predictions: one USF fan picks FSU to win, and one FSU fan picks USF.

We also discuss how USF finally got back to a point where games matter again, what it'll sound like at the stadium on Saturday, how big games like this should feel, and reminisce about games like this from long ago, and how this one should compare.

Normally our podcasts are of course as mediocre as we are, but this one is good. Enjoy it. 

Listen   57:07

Unnamed USF Podcast 8-27-16

August 28, 2016

It's one week until football! Let's get it started!

Joey Knight from the Tampa Bay Times joins Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond, and unfortunately Carl Zee live from the WBUL studios.

We discuss our outlooks on the upcoming football season, where we think USF will be good, and what they need to avoid to be at the top of the AAC. 

We also got through the recent machinations of men's basketball (spolier alert: it's doesn't look good) ride for your CURRENTLY COMPLETELY UNDEFEATED volleyball, and men's and women's soccer teams too.

Listen   51:06

Unnamed USF Podcast 7-16-16

July 19, 2016

In this episode, we catch up on the summer 50 days from football! We discuss the sports of last season, review the best and worst of 2015-16, start getting ready football, preview (and trash) the rest of the AAC East Division.

It was fun to do these again, and we're starting up a bit earlier than we normally do as we get excited about the start of a USF Football season for the first time this decade. It's a nice change of pace!

Listen   59:15

Unnamed USF Podcast 5-5-16

May 06, 2016

Sorry for the bad microphones, but Jeff Odom, Kevin Weiss, and Collin Sherwin discuss RIP Tampa Tribune, conference realignment, USF men's basketball's new transfer, The O.C... Yeah, it's a tire fire.


Lindsey Morrison, SID for USF Softball joins us to discuss their AAC Championship season, as well as plug their fundraiser for Meredith Bissette on Sunday at 5pm at the Softball Stadium.


And Holden The Baseball Team Manager joins us. Basically because he showed up, he's a good kid, and he knows way more about USF Baseball than anyone.


We're working on getting some new equipment to improve the sound. Enjoy!

Listen   56:17

The Unnamed USF Podcast 4-28-16

April 29, 2016

In this episode, Collin Sherwin and Kevin Weiss discuss student-athletes transferring, student-athletes getting tested for weed, the football depth chart, the NFL Draft and USF's lack of presence in it, Wawa vs. Publix... all while watching Islanders-Lightning from The Patio and drinking Cigar City Jai Alai. Because we are from Tampa, and that is our Bud Light. 

It's not our best effort, but hey at least we're doing them every week now! 

Listen   60:44

The Unnamed USF Podcast 4-19-16

April 19, 2016

Live from The Patio in Palma Ceia, Kevin Weiss, Jeff Odom of the Tampa Bay Times, and Collin Sherwin discuss, USF Football's Spring Game, answer all sorts of questions from Twitter, and do so while drinking Cigar City Jai Alai and smoking cigars. The podcast can't get much more Tampa than that.

Sorry for the sound quality, we'll bring different mics next week.

Listen   62:04

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