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The best USF sports podcast in the history of the internet. And possibly the only one too.

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Bulls247 Cast 1-20-2016

January 21, 2016

In this week's episode, we welcome back Kevin Weiss from his travels all over America towards becoming a media genius. We also discuss the end of football, recruiting, men's and women's basketball, 

We also lost a ton of this podcast due to equipment issues, the sound quality is at best OK, and we also said 4-star WR recruit Darnell Salomon is absolutely committed to the Bulls (the next day he said he was taking visits to Pitt, Wazzu, and others). So it's still just like you remember.

We promised more and better pods in the Spring, and it looks like that's going to happen. Enjoy our welcome back!

Listen   59:25

Bulls247 Podcast 11-12-15

November 12, 2015

In this week's episode made possible by Veterans Day, Jeff Odom & Collin Sherwin go over the last few weeks of interesting, meaningful football at USF. We're as stunned as you are. 

We also discuss the beginning of basketball season, both soccer teams and their NCAA pushes, and all the other happenings around USF Athletics. Collin also diatribes on student groups that have events on football game days.

We also welcome midfielder Jordyn Listro from women's soccer, who takes on FGCU in their first round NCAA Tournament game on Saturday at 1 p.m. at USF. Hey Bulls fans: make a doubleheader out of Saturday: Corbett Stadium for soccer at 1 p.m., Ray Jay at 7 p.m. for Temple!

It's still really mediocre and there's no bumper music because Collin doesn't know how to do that stuff, but it's still the best USF sports podcast on the Internet, and that's not just because it's the only one. 

Listen   54:54

Bulls247 Podcast 10-15-2015

October 15, 2015

In this week's episode, Jeff Odom and Collin Sherwin discuss USF's shocking 45 points scored vs. Syracuse. Can they keep the momentum going this weekend in Hartford against an improved UConn team?

We also discuss basketball, the dearth of podcasts lately, and Josh Appel's hair. Because of course. 

It's all as terrible as you remember, don't worry!

Listen   37:47

Bulls247 Podcast: The Cautious Optimism Edition

September 15, 2015

This week Josh Appel, Vinnie Portell, and Collin Sherwin discuss the pluses and minuses coming off the Bulls 34-14 loss to FSU. We discuss a defense that was solid... except in containing one of the best players in America in Dalvin Cook. 

We also discuss the good things and bad things the offense did. They made some plays... and also left a ton out on the field. Is that enough to win with this defense against lesser AAC competition? And how will they matchup with Maryland (who will start their previously backup QB) in what seems to be a winnable game for the Bulls?

Also we chat with Natalia Soares of USF Volleyball ahead of their tournament in the Sun Dome this weekend vs. Auburn... and Penn State. The #1 team in the world on your home floor is a great recruiting opportunity, and we discuss what it'll be like at the Dome on Saturday. 

It's better because Natalia was wonderful, but we're still as mediocre as ever. Enjoy!

Listen   66:20

The FSU Part 2 Edition

September 10, 2015

In Part 2, we discuss FSU football with Josh Newberg of Bulls (and Noles), and touch on how the partnership between Voodoo Five and Bulls247 came together.

Then we get kinda silly and call two of Collin's friends in Greg & Hoyt, both proud members of #FSUTwitter, and play the "#FSUTwitter Quiz Game." Because FSU Twitter is one weird place #Unconquered

Note: A fantastic argument between Josh & I about Ybor City, Coach Taggart, and Mark Harlan got lost by our equipment. We could have run like 30% of it, but would have been out of context. Basically Newberg called me an a-hole and I called him clueless. It was really fun, and it sucks we lost it. 

Listen   24:56

The Soon To Be Renamed USF Podcast - The Let's Not Get Too High Or Low Edition

September 09, 2015

In Part 1 of our podcasts this week, Josh Appel, Vinnie Portell, and Collin Sherwin look back at the FAMU blowout win, and ahead to another opportunity for the Bulls to make some noise in an out of conference road game at FSU on Saturday.

We try not to get too excited for the big win, and will try and not get too upset if things don't work out this weekend. Hard not to get excited about Elkanah Dillon, though. 

We also reference some specific FSU content coming later, and those will be up shortly as well.

Listen   34:35

Voodoo Fivecast 8-22-15: The Season 3 Kickoff Edition

August 22, 2015

We're back for Season Three! Which is about as deserved as True Detective getting a Season Three, but we digress. In the kickoff episode the Tampa Bay Times' Jeff Odom, Josh Appel of Bulls Radio and I discuss what we've seen in football camp so far, and help get you ready for football season. We talk about our projections for how the season might go, as well as the quarterback battle (which might be resolved this evening at the team meeting). It's all of us discussing our beloved Bulls, and it's all as mediocre as ever. We can't wait for this season to get started, and these podcasts are possibly most fun thing any of us do covering the Bulls. May you enjoy listening as much as we do creating.

Listen   47:07

Voodoo Fivecast 2-4-15

February 07, 2015

In this edition, Josh and Collin discuss the new recruits that joined the Bulls on Wednesday morning, undeterred by their utter lack of preparation for this conversation. Then Quarterbacks Coach and Co-Offensive Coordinator David Reaves comes and talks about the newly signed Bulls, the new spread offense, and this spring's competition for the quarterback spot. Also, Josh and I ramble on about the men's basketball team and Collin explains why he would have been pleased with a Temple win on Wednesday night (which they got). Listen please, but remember that we're writers, not radio personalities (thank God).

Listen   63:14

Voodoo Fivecast 1-26-15

January 27, 2015

In this week's hurried and not-very-well prepared episode, Josh & Collin discuss USF football recruiting with National Signing Day just over a week away. We also delve into the struggles of men's basketball, and the continued dissing of the women's basketball team. 

Then Josh launches into an impassioned rant about the disaster that was the Royal Rumble. He's such a mark. 

We'll be back next week for a bit longer as we get ready for National Signing Day. 

Listen   44:10

Voodoo Fivecast 12-1-14

December 03, 2014

In this week's episode, Collin Sherwin, Jeff Odom, and Josh Appel wrap up the awfulness that was the C. Florida shutout. We also begin to put a bow on the season, and talk about some moves we expect to see this offseason. 

We also talk to Joey Johnston of the Tampa Tribune about his thoughts on the disaster of a season for football, and what can be done to turn it around.

We then devolve into a discussion of 90's suburban rock that just goes off the rails, and mix in some USF men's and women's basketball. Let us know if you enjoy it, because it was a sidebar off a tangent of a digression. But at least we had fun.

Listen   98:59

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