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The best USF sports podcast in the history of the internet. And possibly the only one too.

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Voodoo Fivecast 11-24-14

November 26, 2014

This week Josh Appel & Collin Sherwin discuss the lack of progress on most fronts seen by USF in the Memphis game. Why isn't USF getting better? Why the continual seemingly plan-free rotation of quarterbacks? What's the plan here?

Also Collin launches into a diatribe about why he hates the UCF "rivalry," and we discuss the upcoming Black Friday game that will end the Bulls season.

We also talk about the incredibly fun USF men's basketball team that has quickly captured our hearts, Sting joining the WWE, and USF athletic director Mark Harlan joining us on the podcast next week (or the week after, whatever, he's coming)!!

Listen   84:17

Voodoo Fivecast 11-17-14

November 18, 2014

In this week's episode, Josh Appel and Collin Sherwin discuss the "win" over SMU. Was it a win, or just an indication as to how intractible the USF coaching staff is? Josh plays "We Are The Champions" at all opportunities, and Collin says it was the worst win in program history. Both sides are vociferoulsy argued. 

We also discuss the upstart, fun to watch, but maybe not very good yet men's basketball team, the big opening weekend for women's basketball, the two heartbreaking losses for the men's and women's soccer teams, and Josh's pretty boring travel adventures. 

We close with Jamie DeVriend from Voodoo Five, who covered the SMU game in Dallas. He talks about one of the worst football games you'll ever see, and the lack of direction of the USF offense. We also get into the coaching carousel of college football, Will Muschamp, and of course gambling. 

Listen   98:41

Voodoo Fivecast 11-13-14

November 13, 2014

In this week's super brief edition, we talk to Denise Schilte-Brown about USF Women's Soccer ahead of their NCAA Tournament match against Illinois State Saturday night.

Denise (and her twins) were fantastic, and go root on her team tomorrow night at 7 p.m. as they start their NCAA run. 

Also we taped like 45 minutes of other podcast that we had to put in the dumpster because QUINTON FLOWERS!! Thanks Coach Taggart for screwing up our media cycle totally. We'll forgive you if there's a win on Saturday. 

It's far less mediocre than usual because of Denise, so enjoy.

Listen   12:07

Voodoo Fivecast 11-6-14

November 07, 2014

In this week's delayed but never denied podcast, Josh Appel and I go over the so much fun (and so awful to watch) USF VIP Experience basketball game, the football loss to Houston that has many Bulls fans scratching their heads, and various other things happening on campus.

We also welcome two very special guests: USF women's basketball head coach Jose Fernandez (1-0) and men's basketball head coach Orlando Antigua (0-1) live from the postgame of the VIP Experience. Fernandez discusses his keys to victory (note: one of them was not picking me first in his draft), and Orlando Antigua (0-1) talks about the mistakes he made, including having six players on the floor at once. Oops.

We also talk to the coaches about their teams for 2014-15. Is Courtney Williams an All-American candidate? Can the men finally get out and run a little with what seems to be a guard-heavy team? What was Jose thinking with the toughest non-conference schedule you'll ever see? And how does all that weight Chris Perry lost help his game?

Listen   61:08

Voodoo Fivecast 10-28-14

October 28, 2014

This week we tackle the disaster that was the Cincinnati game, and that's more tackling than the Bulls did all night long (590 yards allowed!). We also get into people harassing USF players on Twitter (scumbags), the upcoming local USF media basketball game, and of course things like gambling & the Houston game and why Jeff Odom's neck makes him look like Jiminy Glick.

Listen   104:42

Voodoo Fivecast 10-22-14

October 22, 2014

In this week's 14 hours late and slightly shorter than usual edition, Josh Appel and Collin Sherwin recap the biggest comeback in USF history, 38-30 over Tulsa. Admit it, after the first half, you did NOT see that coming!

We also talk everything else USF, and start to get you ready for a Cincinnati team that can't seem to stop anyone. Is their lax defense enough for the Bulls to overcome their weeknight curse? That's a split decision

Listen   59:09

Voodoo Fivecast 10-13-14

October 13, 2014

This week we rehash the promise and failure of the ECU game with Josh Appel and Jeff Odom of the Tampa Bay Times. We talk about the chances USF had and missed, whether the Bulls are making the right adjustments, and delve into whether former players should be commenting on the current state of the program (ahem, Matt Grothe). 

Joey Knight from the Tampa Bay Times joins us as well, and we also play lots of songs involving the number 17 since that's the maximum USF seems to score. Some of them are classics (Stevie Nicks), and some of them are terrible (Avril Lavigne). 

It's as mediocre as always, but still fun if you love your Bulls.

Listen   99:12

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