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We Want Football

We Want Football is hosted by We Want Blood:A Wrestling Podcast's Triple X and Hack Hackenberg. Every week they discuss the upcoming matchups in College and Pro football,Pick their teams to win, and talk about any news or other subjects.

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S2 E7- The word of the week is HATE.. it's RIVALRY WEEK!

November 27, 2015

THIS is  the week we all wait for every year!  It's rivalry  week! Time to display your colors and pray your team bring whatever trophy you play for home, and tell your rival to go to hell!. Playoff implications run rampant through the slate of games this week, with potential for chaos!, a staple of rivalry week.  in the NFL the eagles and falcons are in freefall, as the pats and panthers are undefeated. We talk all rivalry week and the NFL stories, and we have your picks, and thanks to the Solid Verbal, certain Drinking game that will help you cope with Penn St.'s horrible offense.

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