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Together we are fighting for justice, truth and equality for all, speaking out for those who can’t, exposing bad science, and fighting against the tyranny of oppressive ideology. We are here to inspire the next generation of godless heroes, avenge the harms of religion, educate the uninformed, and ensure the well-being of all individuals by defending the separation of church and state.

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020 - PreReAsonCon, Beth Presswood

June 07, 2015

This is a show we recorded before ReAsonCon with Beth Presswood. We discussed feminism, women's reproductive rights, and hottubs!?

Listen   64:01

019 - Ex-Muslim Heina Dadabhoy

April 16, 2015

Wyatt and Love discuss life, family, feminism, and activism with Heina Dadabhoy. She spent her childhood as a practicing Muslim and never, in her right mind, would have believed that she would grow up to be an atheist feminist secular humanist. 

Listen   76:08

018 -Tracie Harris, TAE, and Ted Cruz

April 03, 2015

On this episode: Captain Love “interviews” new presidential hopeful, Ted Cruz. Tracie Harris talks with us about the Atheist Experience TV show in Austin TX and gives us some “spoilers” about her talk at ReAsonCon 2015. And Wyatt Mathers finally learns about analogies….



Song Credit: 'Dear God' by XTC  1996

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"Dear God" Show Promo 018

March 29, 2015

Sneak peak promo for 018 Atheist Avengers Episode with Tracie Harris

Song: 'Dear God' by XTC  1996

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017 - Steven Hewett and the King, NC Flag Controversy

March 16, 2015

When war hero Steven Hewett first complained about the display of a Christian flag at a government-sponsored veterans’ memorial in King, N.C., he got a surprising response from a city official. Then he got even more response from the people of King! Tonight we talk with Steven and find out what the deal is with all that!

Listen   75:55

016 - Atheist Steve Hill for California State Senate

February 27, 2015

Tonight we talk to atheist, comedian, activist, and future California State Senator, STEVE HILL.

Listen   47:35

015 – Chapel Hill NC Murders - Joey Kirkman

February 13, 2015

Today we discuss the senseless murders in Chapel Hill NC of Deah Barakat, 23, Yusor Mohammad, 21, and Mohammad’s sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha. Craig Hicks, a professed atheist, has been charged with the murder of the 3 young Muslims at this time.

 Joey Kirkman, author of ‘Bedtime Bible Stories – Explicit’ joins as our special guest. 

Listen   98:45

014 - Rikki Poynter and lots of Silly

December 04, 2014

Family Feud, long awaited outtakes, and ‘Deaf Atheist’ YouTuber Rikki Poynter. 

Listen   62:17

012 - Mandisa from the Black NonBelievers

November 08, 2014

Captain Love interviews Mandisa Thomas from the Black Non-Believers about recent racial insensitivity toward their group!

Listen   65:16

011 - Captain's Hour God's not Dead

October 25, 2014

We review the movie 'God's not Dead'. 

Listen   72:51

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