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Together we are fighting for justice, truth and equality for all, speaking out for those who can’t, exposing bad science, and fighting against the tyranny of oppressive ideology. We are here to inspire the next generation of godless heroes, avenge the harms of religion, educate the uninformed, and ensure the well-being of all individuals by defending the separation of church and state.

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010 - 2014 Carolinas Secular Conference After Party [2+ HOUR SPECIAL]

October 10, 2014

The Atheist Avengers ascend on Charlotte for the 2014 Carolinas Secular Conference. Interesting conversations and interviews with a variety of people from the secular community!  

Listen   145:04

009 - Escape from the Jehovah's Witness Cult

October 06, 2014

On today's episode we interview two ex-Jehovah's Witness' and find out a little more about the cult!

We would like to thank our special guests Wayne Rodgers and 'Bria' Crutchfield.

Listen   93:22

008 - The Captain's Hour Fall TV Shows

October 06, 2014

The Captain Duo reviews some of their favorites from this fall's TV lineup

Listen   62:28

Topics: Ray Rice spouse abuse, Adrian Peterson child abuse, dumb ass Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Air Force oath decision, Satanic Temple does it again!

Listen   74:09

006 - Our Official LAUNCH Show!

September 14, 2014

Official Launch Show. Official Launch date: 09/04/2014

Listen   52:02

005 - The Captain's Hour DIVERGENT Gun Control

September 14, 2014

Movie Review: 'DIVERGENT'. Discussion: Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

Listen   54:45

004 - The "Notorious" Councilman Cecil Bothwell

August 15, 2014

The parking garage scandal, AKA Garagegate?!  Hear the real story.

Listen   56:01

003 - Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple

August 08, 2014

Interview with Lucien Greaves []

Listen   46:00

002 - Joe, Unity Rally, and a Jesus fish vagina!

July 31, 2014

The whole crew together for the first time! Unity Rally in Greenville SC. Jesus fish vaginas. Oh... and Spankings!

Listen   59:23

001 - First Night in Studio

July 14, 2014

Sex talks, beach clean-ups, and the "I-cult".... whatever the hell that is!?

Listen   40:15

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