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The official podcast of Campus Church Lamar. Campus Church is a new church on the Lamar University Campus where we are passionate about making disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus Stories

May 08, 2016

Come on listen in as our brother Davey preaches over forgivness! how times should we forgive? once? sevem? seventy?

Listen   28:42
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Jesus Stories: The Harvest

April 28, 2016

Pastor Daniel preaches a very heavy topic, nonethless a topic that must be preached. listen in and be honest to yourself, are you a weed or a wheat? 

Listen   29:30
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The friend at Midnight

April 21, 2016

Ask! seek! knock! pastor Daniel remnids us why prayer and ommunication with our father is important!

Listen   37:14
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Jesus Stories!!

April 21, 2016

Come on down and listen to Pasor daniel teachenigs on Jesus parables!!

Listen   30:55
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Jesus Story: Luke 15

April 07, 2016

join us as our Pastor shares 3 very unique parables with us!!

Listen   40:15
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Jesus Stories

March 31, 2016

Pastor Daniel challenges us to perceive how our hearts behave. Is Your heart ready to diges Jesus' word, or is there something else taking priority?

Listen   43:44
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Easter service!!

March 31, 2016

Join in to our very first Sunday Service!!

Listen   25:08
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Jesus Stories

March 31, 2016

Join us as we dive in the parables Jesus sahred with us 

Listen   10:46
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Jesus Stories

March 31, 2016

Join us in our new study: Jesus Studies, We open and study some of the parables Jesus taught!

Listen   36:02
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March 31, 2016

Join us in our Studoes of Encouters with God 

Listen   34:14

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