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By Crown Samuel on October 15, 2014

Many believe that - movies, music, television programmes etc- are merely entertainment: 

But before we conclude, First, let's take a closer look at the word entertainment and see what we can learn.

ENTER-TAIN-MENT can be divided into three smaller words

ENTER -which means to come into

TAIN - is a short form of contain and it also means to possess 

MENT -a state of being

Therefore, entertainment is coming into a state of being possess, or being a fan(fanatic/worshiper) of said entertainer(star/idol) and that for me is deep.

Methinks ; Entertainment is one of the devils tricks to pull the attention of young christians away from God and other gainful activities, such as studying,productive thinking etc.

Am not saying that we shouldn't listen to music or watch t.v progs and movies, but lets select carefuly what we listen to or watch. Because the source from which most of these things are produce is not pure and if read more...

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