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David Champion (30) born in Hartford, CT., began to have an interest in rap music at the age of 8. It wasn’t until 1989, at the age of 12 when he began to write his own lyrics and make songs of his own. His most influential rap artist was Tupac. Being raised in one of Hartford’s most infamous projects (Charter Oak Projects) and having family Problems at a young age is what influenced his style and caused it to be categorized as Hard Core/Street Rap. At the age of 15 he began recording at his cousin’s studio. Writing and recording over 50 unreleased songs. In 1999 David was introduced to a manager affiliated with Geffen Records. He opened up for Mob Deep at Albany State University, in upstate New York, and was given a contract to sign for a record deal with Geffen Records. After having his lawyer look over the contract he was advised not to sign due to discrepancies. This turn of events discouraged him enough to give up. In 2006 when he heard his younger brother’s music being played in the streets of Hartford on local mix tapes, it inspired him to go back in the studio and begin to record again. Now with more life experience and maturity in his voice, he brings listeners on a journey through life from his eyes, with tracks like "My Life" and "I’m Dying" featuring his younger brother. As he continues to be a solo artist, he linked up with, V.O.S. (Voice Of da Streets), a team of 4 solo rap artist including his younger brother, K-Mezzy and cousin Ron Gangsta. In early 2008, David performed at Hartford’s Annual Summer Fest, opening up for Joe Buddens, with his cousin and fellow V.O.S. member Dre Gutta. It wasn’t until the heat of the summer of 2009 when Mr. Champion was reunited with his younger brother to complete V.O.S. and write, record, and promote themselves as solo artist representing Da Voice-V.O.S. In September of 2010 all of the artist came together to let the community know who they were, by performing at Hartford’s Annual African- American Day Parade. This performance created and enormous response from the people. Shortly after the parade David put together V.O.S.’s first Mix tape project, featuring his hit singles "Want Me" and "You Can’t Stop Me". He quickly sold out all of the units. On Thanksgiving Day 2010, David opened up for Max-B at Hartford’s West Indian Social Club with fellow V.O.S. members. Currently you can hear his music on weekly rotation on 89.3 WRTC in Hartford and 88.1 WESU in Middletown, CT.

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