Deborah Blair, M.S., Ph.D.

Deborah Blair, M.S., Ph.D.

From the age of three I knew that something was very wrong with the way that people treated other. Raised by our dogs in a world of abusive adults, my brother and I set off in our own ways to find ways to help people heal and to make this a world where humans and animals can live in Loving, Joyful Harmony together. to this end I pursued degrees and study in History, philosophy and psychology. I trained extensively for years formally and privately in Carl Jung's psychology, Roberto Assagioli MD's symbolic psychology, R D Laing, Family systems, dreams, journal, fairy tales. Combining Formal psychology and New Energy psychology techniques to help individuals and groups heal to allow their innate wholeness to emerge. I studied meditation formally for 16 years and have been practicing and teaching its forms for 42 years for life enhancing, medical support, stress release and as a spiritual path. Good quality Meditation instruction should be available free for all. Unfortunately there are a number of often well meaning and/or poorly qualified and trained people pushing shallow techniques for large sums of money at this time - - in order to stem that tide we are providing videos and audios on meditation psychology, true self transformation for free so that people have good instruction available to them. In this way I hope to further contribute to helping this planet be the place it should be for all ---HUGS!!!!

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clearing with violet flame

November 02, 2012
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Basic breath Relaxation

January 06, 2012
This is a instructional for beginners to learn to focus on their breath for relaxation. Breath relaxation/meditation is taught privately and in major medical facilities for stress reduction, quality of life enhancement, pain management, support during tim
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