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Dorian A. Sutton (born May 23, 1986) is a performer, actor, producer, writer and motivational speaker. He is known in the Central Ohio area for mentoring over 9,000 school kids through music and guidance. Dorian goes by the stage name D.O.E. which the letter abbreviation stands for the Dominator of Expression. D.O.E. often referred to as the new version of Will Smith, choosing not to produce music with negative lyrics or obscene language. Dorian was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, the son of producer Marty Sutton, who was responsible for several artists emerging from the Columbus area. Dorian grew up in Columbus, Ohio but has traveled to many cities, where he was taught several aspects of the music industry by his father. At age 10, Dorian spent his summer traveling to Cleveland, Ohio with his father who then was working with former producer of Gerald Levert, Edwin Tony Nicholas. Dorian has performed on the same stage with many professional artists outside of his hometown. Dorian has performed in concert in Newark, New Jersey with Justin Bieber before Justin got his big break. He has worked with former producer for Whitney Houston, Bobby Reese. Dorian has co-written songs for the group BAAJ, featured on Luther Vandross’ last recorded CD. In 2007, Dorian put all his efforts into building a local mentoring program with positive music as the focal point. Dorian’s burning desire to change the direction of music and it’s impact on youth helped to form the Potential Mentoring Program. Since the conception of the Potential Mentoring Program, Dorian has helped several schools and it’s staff, regain the focus needed to pursue a good education. As the song written by D.O.E. for Oakmont Elementary School students in 2008 says, “reach for the stars” no matter where you are. In 2012 Dorian was a presenter at the ETECH Conference in Columbus, Ohio with NBC4 television, presenting his message of anti-bullying to over 3,000 Ohio school superintendents, administrators, teachers and students. Dorian is a definitely a gifted artist, writer and producer whose focus is on changing the negativity of the youth worldwide.

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