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As a digital music composer I used to make mood-easy listening-instrumental and pop general music. I try with my music to touch melodic lines rather than strength and power. I am an amateur so, there is no reason for me to spend money on advertising , in fact I have no , my projects are totally free for download and personal use ! One man band ...... I have two main problems. Sometimes my wife wants to kill basic members of my band! It' ok, no blood , no police till now.... I mean than she wants to destroy my poor computer and other musical equipment , because I spend a lot of hours in my home studio. So I use successfully a variety of "rescue plans". Thanks GOD. I am still alive in my home studio. The second problem is about the vocals recording. I invite "guest stars" for the vocals....usually my daughter ! Every time I want to record vocals , I have to turn off the TV and I must put ...... in the mouth of my dog a big bone ! I try to make the recording very late in the night.....working like the vampires and Buffy the slayer...because, there are no car noises , no children voices.... The nature is so quiet ...... I also have to beg my wife to be absolutely quiet and this is the most difficult part of the entire "recording preparation". What a band history !!!! I hope you like my projects !

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