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1975 green wave started with the slogan „the last rockband before the border“ and at many events during their years as a live-band they gathered around themselves a circle of friends, even beyond the frontiers of Saarland and Germany up to the Amsterdam Melkweg. in the last years they spent a lot of time in their own studio, producing their friends´ and their own stuff. 2009, they presented, after more than 30 years as a legend in the (south-west) German-rock-scene with „…we used to cut the green grass…/…the war is over…” LEICO 8725, a real inde-pendantly produced, riped-out, energy-driven double- CD, that like the debut-CD „the inner garden“(2000) LEICO 8548 too, belongs to the concept-story:“…green days on a planet blue…“,(story at and ), Video 2011 “let´s make up & be friendly” more infos on or order the double cd at [email protected] , mp3s via iTunes, Amazon, Napster a.s.o. now,autumn 2012, they started recording new songs for a new upcoming cd. Live/ CD -reviews: (Saarbrücken, Deutschland) (Hamburg, Deutschland) (Lüneburg, Deutschland) (Frankfurt, Deutschland) (scroll down to dies irae/green wave) (Montreal, Kanada) (Chowchilla,California,USA) line-up: Sven Gross (keyboards, voc.), Daniel Minnerath (guitars), Deddé Schäfer (bass, voc.), Stefan Richter (keyboards, voc.), Rainer Wahlmann (vox, harp, perc.), Christoph Waltner (gui-tars), Manuel Schwierczek (drums, live) booking: Rainer Wahlmann: [email protected] tel.: 0049/160/4310251

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de groene slang (Amsterdam 65 tot 68) (2015)

January 22, 2015


er zijn zeker niet zo erg vele Duitse rockbands, die nederlandstalige liedjes uitbrengen. Dit liedje is een heel persoonlijke hommage van een mens, die 50 jaren geleden op de Dam in Amsterdam zat en besluitte, nadat hij een heel klein stikkie rokte, provo, nozem en protestzinger te woorden en tegen all die onrechtvaardigheiden van deze wereld, zoals , toen Vietnam, intolerantie in het algemeen aan te zingen en te zeggen:" ...niets moet, maar alles kan..." nu, 2015, is hij een oude man , die terugkijkt: wat is er over gebleven? - liefde - - voor Nederland, nog steeds het belangrijkste land voor tolerantie in Europa - voor een ontzettend mooie taal en ontzettend lieve mensen - nog steeds protest tegen bijna alles, wat zich verrassend genoeg, sinds de jaren 60 nog steeds niet veranderd heeft. Oorloog en intolerantie tot zo ver!



Surely there are not too many German rockbands, that record a song with Dutch lyrics. green wave did. this song is a very personal hommage from a man, who sat 50 years before on the Dam in Amsterdam and who decided, after a nice little smoke, to become further on one of those provos, beatniks and protestsingers, singing against wars like in Vietnam and intolerance in general with the Dutch words "niets moet, maar alles kan", which means "nothing must, but everything can" now 2015, is he an old man looking back on these days of old: what´s been left behind? -love- -for the Netherlands, still the most tolerant country in whole Europe - for a wonderful language and all those wonderful people he has met - for still singing against almost everything, that, to his own surprise, still hasn´t changed for good since those days in the sixties: war & intolerance

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10 - the underground (2009)

November 19, 2012
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03 - doctor, please (2009)

November 19, 2012
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02 - the rising of the week-end (2009)

November 19, 2012
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08 - too real (2009)

November 19, 2012
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05 - dies irae praeterita (2009)

November 19, 2012
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02 - better call it a day

November 19, 2012
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01 - radio news-the morning after

November 19, 2012
Radio news/The morning after good morning, here is the 4´o clock news from Radio "Freak out - I´ll be there" according to unconfirmed reports a nuclear accident has happened in the Sellafield area. we´d like to stress that these are only unconfirmed rumours, but we will, of course, bring you the latest news on these reports as soon as they come in No end in sight for the stormy weather that´s been striking our country for four weeks now. Weathermen say there´s never been such a long period without any sunshine at all Jerry Baker the well-known Irish scientist stated there might be a connection between the frightening wearher situation and some series of experiments on mutated bacteria executed by the artificial intelligence network worldwide association what s o ever there´s no reason for any panic at all so please stay intuned to our station for further information and music! this was the 4´o´clock news from radio "Freak out - I´ll be there!"
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02 - morvan (2000)

December 20, 2000
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