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"I did not get into Hip-Hop,Hip-Hop got into me.." is a typical way Da Naymliss would respond when asked how he got into Hip-Hop. He began exploring its depth at a very early age.Back then,he was deeply into break dancing and other forms of Art like drawing and painting.He was deeply motivated by the early voices of Hip-Hop like KRS-One,Rakim and LL kool J until his flames were ignited by the likes of The Notorious BIG,Jay-Z,Nas,Eminem and Canibus that made him pull out his pen to write,and the weapons were drawn. Unlike his fellow emcees that can be found in Nigerian clubs or street corners beat boxing and throwing battle punches,Da Naymliss was always on the net rap forums steadily building himself lyrically.He might not be known on the streets,but it would not take a second glance to see his name pop on your Google search screen if he was Nameless.His most memorable year was 2005,the year he was crowned the best African battle emcee in one of the hottest net forums of its time,www.canibusworld.com,where he also won numerous awards like Openmic of the week,Textee of the month and Newcats on fire on the same forum using the handle,N.u.d.i.v.a..Also in 2005,he was nominated on www.africanhiphop.com for the best story teller,a nomination which helped build his reputation on the forum.He was on two well respected all African mixtapes,'The Naija chapter(2007)' compiled by The Apprentice and 'The Sequel(2009)' by MHP,playing his role in both,as a deep lyricist.

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