You're Something Special

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Genre:Hip Hop
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About You're Something Special:

You're something special! Whenever you need that real feel good music with inspirational lyrics that will help you get through the day, let this song play! Awesome music and lyrics by Kamal!

Written, Produced and Performed by Kamal Imani, Background Lyrics by Dian Forde.



You’re something special


You came up hard, but what’s the odds?

That your seed would make it through the entourage

From the black lagoon, to the womb

Now boom, guess who stepped in the room?

It’s you, say amen, cause it’s your day

Although they, are feeling some kind of way


That’s no me problem

If your miserable

Cause I got next and I’m coming through

I’m special


You’re something special




Who are they anyway with that he say she say?

But you need haterz to validate that your great

You came here to demonstrate

Your talents now, keep things in balance now

Might take a while, but you’ll get there child

And when you come, you gon come in style

Sometimes you get fed up, but keep your head up

Go after your dreams and never let up


Focus on a goal take control and roll, let the whole world know that you got soul, like that atom in the womb of the universe that grew into the sun, your number 1


Be determined and rise like helium

You’re something special!


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