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Kipland Iles is a self-taught musician and artist. Having grown up in the swamps of south Florida, outside influences were few and far between. At age 6, Kip bought his first guitar and started learning from local bluegrass and country artists. Finally, after discovering FM radio from Miami and Fort Lauderdale Kip began listening to rock and pop music of the late sixties and early seventies which helped him to further develop his style. Over the years Kip has played solo electric guitar in a variety of bands ranging from Ragtime, C&W, Rock, Blues, Jazz, New Wave, and New Age but solo acoustic guitar has remained his staple. Back in the 90's Kip played with Timothy Gordon (ex: drummer for Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose) on the east coast of Florida doing MIDI shows. This opened a new creative avenue for Kip and he began learning keys and the technology behind MIDI. While not even close to being an accomplished pianist he does manage to craft some compelling melodies on keys.

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