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Bella: Star Power

September 30, 2014

I only had one episode with this fine piece of womanhood right here. But one episode was enough. She was beautiful no doubt and had much confidence. But is there a such thing as having too much confidence? Well babygirl thought very highly of herself. She told me all sorts of stories about the things that she had done and the things that she was planning on doing. Much of her plans were all about taking the adult entertainement world by storm and taking no prisoners. She didn't have any specific route on how she was gonna get her Star power rolling, but that didnt seem to concern her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on shawty. I'm just telling you that Bella was serious as a heart attack about becoming rich and famous. So serious it bordered on delusion.

We hooked up and did our video shoot and I enjoyed myself. I later took her out on the town for some food and drink, then we hit the night club. All the fellaz in the club broke their necks trying to get a peek at Bella. I know they was thinking how a fat dude like me end up with a bad bytch like this. I dropped her back off at the hotel about 4 in the morning and we said our good byes. After that night I never saw her again in the flesh. I seen her on a couple of other adult sites after we did our business, but she obviously got out the game. Bella never became famous the way she wanted too, but I have a little piece of her history for you playaz to check out. It's all in my Exclusive Mackcity Journal. Peep it.

Had folks asking me about White she devil a while back. She is long gone out of the porn game. She has settled down with a white man with money. She no longer has to swim in the filthy streets of mackcity. She use to tell me she would never settle down with a white man. She said they did not turn her on. Well, well wellllllll, looks like she came to her senses. Chasing these negroes in the streets wasnt gettin the bills paid. So she did what any woman with sense would do. Find a man who could feed and clothe her. I wish my black freaks would follow her example. Almost all my sistats still wanna suck prison penis, and laugh at Niccaz with jobs and college degrees.

White she devil was easily in the top five freak nasty chicks in the stable. She was so adventerous and ready to do what ever. Gawd damn I miss her! Aint seen her in about 2 years. I hope all is well with babygirl. So no fellas it looks like we have lost a true soldier in the game. But you can always watch her past videos on the main site. Lets just be happy we can go back in time and witness a true pro get shyt poppin.



Babygirl been blowin up my phone all week. She called me last night about 3 times. I had been dealing with other females for the past 5 months. I didnt have time to deal with her bullshyt. I knew that answering her call didnt mean anything good for me. All she was gonna do was ask me for something. I aint got time for that shyt. But I got weak, I finally broke down and answered her call. Just hearing her voice gave me joy. She a low down funky azz bytch, but I love her. She did what I expected her to do. She acted like she never trangressed against me and disrespected the game. I didn't remind her of what she did, I figured her 5 month exile from me was more than enough punishment. She lied about her current situation and pretended like she was doing great. But I got my ears to the streets, and I know how bad shyt is for her. I just sat and listened to her weave her tails of delusion. I was amused. Despite the bullshyt that she fed me for 45 minutes. I was happy to hear from her. She is now thinking the Kingdom has welcomed her with open arms and that she is back in my good graces. Stay tuned.


When you hit Niccaz with the real, muthafukkaz don't wanna listen. I tell dudes all the time that I got females on deck that have real feelinz for me. Even though I aproach these relationships in a very bizness and practical manner. Some still end up getting attached to me. Niccaz say it can't happen, no way a bytch can love a Nicca with Trick tactics. Believe what thou wilt, your wrong. I submit exhibit A: Text message from one of my babies from about 5 years ago.

Once again I stress to you playaz do not become someones elses ideological flunky. Create and cultivate your own system to deal with whatever problems you may encounter in your life. I get more action than you can even imagine. And about half the freaks I fuck with got real love for a Nicca. The other half are strictly used as fuck toys. But these days I have grown tired of just bendin these freaks over. Im on some different shyt. I mostly now indulge in relationships that I use to have with my baby jessica. I don't see her no more because she went and got married. But she know she can always come back and see Daddy if things don't work out with the marriage.


Boss Chick: The Succubus.

September 25, 2014

Meet Donna. One of the coldest bytchez to ever play the game. She holds the distinct honor of being the only bytch who has ever pulled tears out of my face. I actually went into super weeny simp mode and thought about killing myself when she dumped me for a lesbian. Her manipulation skills are deadly. She has sociopathic characteristics. One day she can be so loving and nurturing. She makes you think your the only one in the world that matters to her. The next day she a cold blooded bytch who delights in emasculating you and cutting off your balls. I was fooled by her many times. I didnt wanna believe she was playing me. To this day, I don't know who is the real Donna.

I see her every now and then and we just do lunch dates. She got married in 2011 to a butch lesbian and they were cool for a year or two. But it aint been nothing but problems and drama for the past year. Last I heard they were both getting a divorce. I told her it wouldn't last when she went ahead and did it. But she wouldn't listen. So now karma is in effect, the same pain and heart ache she served to all the men in her life has come back to sting her. She is truly miserable and trying to maintain her sanity. Not going into the specicfics of why they can't seem to get along, but just know and understand that it's the same ol shyt me and her use to fight about constantly. And the only way to know that is to get a look inside the Mackcity journal complete with video of our sexual escapades. Check it out, shyt is insane.

I couldn't help it.

April 22, 2012


You ever have one of those days where you were just so horny you felt like a filthy beast? I mean have you ever been so worked up that you knew that if any female was willing to meet you in the bedroom, you just knew that you would not disappoint her in any fashion. I mean you get supreme confidence because you know you are in full nasty mode and you don't care what you have to do to get that chick off. Well that went down today with a female I have been fuckin with since 2005. She is one of the finer dime piece chick's I have in my stable. Once again I will refrain from saying names do to snitches and the bitches in my hood hate'n on a playa.

She told me she wanted to come over and see me today and I really wasn't into have'n no company. But I agreed to see her because she had been calling me all week to come and get blessed. She said she would be at the crib in about 3 hours. I looked at some pictures that I had took of her a couple of years ago and I suddenly became heated. This is very rare for me. I never really get aroused for any reason these days. But today was very different. All I could do was stare at her fine round bubble ass and I wanted to run up in her anally, or if I couldn't do that I wanted to rim her really bad. I had the taste for some booty crack today. The more I thought about doing something to her anus, the more my heart would race and I would get light headed. What the fuck is wrong with me?

When she came over I was ready for action. I didn't have on no clothes and I had just jumped out the shower. We made small talk and about 30 minutes after she walked into the door she got naked and sat with me and we chatted again for a while. Then I took her by the hand and laid her down on my bed. I took out the babyoil and rubbed her down to get her warmed up. I messaged her for about 30 minute and played with that neat and clean trimmed pussy. I also rubbed and caressed her phat booty cheeks while she took her hand and caressed my bellhead and my sack. I knew she was ready for action because that pussy was drippin wet.

I then laid her on her back and fucked her for about 5 minutes. Then I went downtown and ate that pussy. I alternated between fucking and pussy eating for 30 minutes. She was getting drove crazy by this technique and she already orgasmed about 2 times. Then it was time to indulge my appetite. It had been so long since I had gave a woman a good rim job, the freak was bound to get loose soon one day. I flipped her over and put that juicy ass up in the air doggystyle and I put my face between her heavenly cheeks. I sucked her ass like a mad man. Sucking and slurpin like crazy. This turned her on and she began to buck that ass up and down rubbing her ass all in my face. She was grabbing the sheets and moaning like crazy. About 10 minutes of this went down before I went ahead and played with her clit and seen the pussy juice just pouring out of her. She finally busted her last nut, she just couldn't take it no more.

I ain't the dude to be putting my mouth on these chicks but I got about 4 freaks that I will suck on from time to time. But that's usually all about pussy eating, I don't be eating no brown eye. So You know I gotta really dig this chick a whole lot. Unfortunately this female is no longer in the porn game so I did not video tape it. But her past pictures and videos are in the members area. Just match up the booty pic you see on this post with the booty pics in the members area. She one of the baddest bytches in the game, join now and you will see.


One of the things I love about She-Devil is that she is so sexually and intellectually free. She does some of the most wild shyt I have ever seen. This latest tattoo that she went and got is a perfect example as you see. She went and got the work done about 2 months ago, but the Tat artist actually fucked the work up. She had some serious scar tissue to go along with the crappy art work. So she had to grin and bare the travesty until she could get up enough loot to try and get the tat redone.

She finally got up the loot and went in to try and get the Tattoo salvaged as much as she could. I seen the first attempt at the tattoo and it was horrible. The redone Tat ain't all that great but it's still a big improvement from what it looked like before. Some crappy tat work is almost impossible to fix, so the second artist did what he could. The Balls Deep Tat destroys the flavor of the two pistols on the sides of her hips. Yeah,she is stuck with a Tat that kind of messes up all the other work that she has on her body. But it's too late now.

But never the less, I couldn't wait to smash that lilly white ass when she showed me the Tattoo. I just wanted to hit it missionary style and then pull out and dump my load all over her stomach where the new Tat was. I did just that too. After I skeeted on her I pulled out my camera and took some photos of course. She-Devil was a bit camera shy this time around due to the bad tattoo and her recent weight gain. But the chick is still beautiful to me, no matter what. Gonna have to get her back to the spot again and really put in some effort to fuck her hard. Stay tuned to the Members area for more recent pics and video of She-Devil in action.

New MackCity Freak: Alexa

April 20, 2012


Got a phone call from my homey the Sidetrickster earlier today and he said that he got a phone call from Michelle a.k.a Medusa and she had a chick who wanted to get some of this money. Like I told ya'll in several pod cast earlier this month, I don't really have the enthusiasm to deal with no new freaks. But he wanted to fuck on some new pussy so bad, he literally begged me to take a look at the chick. You see Sidetrick ain't trying to pay for no hotel, so that means he wants and needs my crib to bang on chicks. And the only way a new chick is getting banged at my spot is if she is putting in some real work for my site.

So after listening to him cry about not getting any strange pussy in about 90 days. I told him he could bring the freak through and handle his bizz. When they showed up all I could do is yawn and try and act entusiastic, I'm so bored with this shyt these days it ain't funny. She had a cute face but that body needed some work. It was also obvious that she had alot of Native American blood in her. Her personality was cool, she was a bit standoffish and paranoid around us, but that's to be expected with almost all new models. But you could tell that if she stuck around and put in more work, she would have a great attitude about the hustle. We talked about all the legalities and did the paperwork that would allow for me to own her soul. Now it was time for the moment of truth.

Sidetrick asked me if I wanted to film the session or should he just go solo and do it all himself. Well I know typically when he does the videos by himself, they tend to come out like crap, because he is too much into just getting the pussy. So I was tempted to grab the cam and go in to film the shyt. But like I said, I wasn't the least bit interested in filming anything or participating in making no porn. So I just let him roll solo and do his thang. I could tell it would probably be a garbage shoot anyway because his and her energy was not mixing well. I could see the dread and uneasiness on her face. Once again I peeped how she would take quick glances at me to size me up. It was as if she was sending me subliminal messages to please be the stunt dick that would be running up in her.

Hhhhmmmmm? How did the shoot go?How did it all go down? Who's dick did she end up sucking on? Stay tuned to MackCity and find out at a later date.

The Prison Tower.

April 18, 2012


It was the year 2000 and I had finally had my fill of working for another man. I was sick of punching the clock at a place that I hated to go to everyday. I was working at a close Max security prison with a ignorant redneck staff and a wild Nigger inmate population. The combination of negative energy had me sick on a daily basis. Well...to be fair. All the staff wasn't KKK, and all the inmates were not coons and buffoons. But never-the-less, this hustle was not my nature and I had to get out of that environment quick. I had already did 6 years in the terrordome and I was slowly loosing my mind. I had already had some damage to my psyche in the 1991 desert storm offensive in Iraq, and the prison environment was not helping my fragile sanity that I still had left.

At this time in my life I had been doing a local access TV show about religion, social Issues, politics and Metaphysics. I had that show running on TV for 7 years. So I had an extensive knowledge of video production and computers. I was already a freak on the local strip club scene too, so I had an obsession with hood chicks and the lives that they lived. So it hit me like a bolt of lightning to use my knowledge, skills and my love of pussy to make some money. It came to me on a cold winter night while I was on Tower duty on 3rd shift. In the peace and solitude on that night MackCity was born. It was a beautiful night to have my mind free to create my empire. The ground was covered in pure white snow, the prison lights dazzled and shimmered through Ice sickles that hung off the power lines and the towers. I vowed that day to always be my own man and to take my fate into my own hands.

Three years after that fateful day in the prison tower, the underground web cult phenomenon known as MackCity went on-line and has been going strong ever since. Many told me that I couldn't make it happen. Many tried to throw salt in my game and hoped to watch me fail, but I don't fold easily. These days I'm a household name. I'm like the boogy man that lurks in the dark alley's in the hood. An urban legend of sorts I have become. Many have tried to figure out the real story behind me, my girls and the web site. So many different stories have been told, no one knows what to believe. Well if you don't know what to believe about me, you can believe this: I love my girls, I love this money, and I love this lifestyle. And I owe it all to that gloomy prison tower that I sat in for 8 hours on a cold winter night.

Daddy forgives you baby.

April 17, 2012

I went ahead and allowed Jessica to come back into my life today. She had been throwing a fit for the past 2 weeks since I had been ignoring her phone calls. I had her on FatMack Restrictions for about 45 days so she could see the error of her ways. She finally had a slight meltdown and threatened to come over to the crib while I had another female friend over for some R&R. If you want a more detailed explaination about why I put her ass on punishment you need to listen to the podcast below.

I had her come to the crib and we had a goodtime as usual. We didn't even get into no arguing or fussing about dumb shyt. She was on her best behavior while we had some Cranberry and Absolute and smashed on some KFC chicken wings. Shortly after that I took her to the bedroom and ate that pussy until she came hard with a vengeance. Then I face fucked her until I shot a hot delicious load into her mouth and watched her cum hard again.

Then we chilled out and watched TV and talked for at least 4 hours after the cum fest. She then got dressed and I drove her to her house. She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and told me how much she missed me for those 45 days she was on FatMack restriction. I told her that I missed her too, and that I hoped that we could keep our relationship cool. I then drove back to my spot feeling good and refreshed. I had flashbacks of her sucking me dry and making me splash my juice all over her hot wet tongue. I had visions of her shaking violently with orgasm while she was still sucking out the last drops of cum out my Johnson.  Yeah I missed her crazy ass, I'm not gonna lie. It's good to be me.

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