Osti: A Bluesman

Osti: A Bluesman
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Born and raised in The Deep South. L.A., Lower Alabama. Been livin in Northern California over two decades. The music represents the time spent between the Coasts. I travel to and from meetin and greetin, with LOVE! I hope you enjoy the music!


By Osti: A Bluesman on February 17, 2019

hi somehow I managed to set up 2 accounts.

The new stuff is here.


sorry for the confusion


By Osti: A Bluesman on February 17, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for listening to my sound.

Please let me know where you are from.

I would love to know!

Leave a message in my message box at


Be sure to put in your email address.

thank you


By Osti: A Bluesman on January 14, 2018

Hey. It was a tough year but I came out with new songs and new live recording. Check out my website www.ostimon.com

Download the music and share.



2. Gypsy BIFF

By Osti: A Bluesman on November 17, 2015


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