Use a little trick tonight

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About Use a little trick tonight:

You almost dream

And you dream

More than you die,

More than vacuum...

And more than the odds

Of your name

Hanging on a web

You are within range of solitude.

Giant spiders are small just for today

And are portable and squeeze into pockets

And bonfires floating in the heavy air


Around your feet

While you're hanging

There are eyes of ice cubes,

You now have a lot of secrets

To reveal to silent crowds,

Maybe you would notice

There a tempestuous voice

Rising devastating from the rest of an ocean,

Between two hills,

More than ever,


Without any trick tonight


Inch by inch as the wind

That penetrates the surface

Of a strange lake

Out of sight

Low tide

More than ever this moonlight

At close range is endless,

Pilgrim in a world not attended

Shining through empty rooms

Extending streets behind obstacles,

Foolproof steps defying the efforts of one person

Lost in through the light


Divergent adventure,

Like the end of the world

Or more today or tomorrow,

The sea sends for…

But the heel refuses to heart fold back

Make yourself a castaway

Who is still alive today using

A little trick tonight

The moonlight

You almost dream

And you dream

More than you die...

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Some more years of silence

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