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tGB Podcast

A Podcast for the RP group The Golden Butterfly based on deviantART. Updated every Saturday, pending any outside influence!

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tGB Podcast #4

November 25, 2014


Featuring Kalin, Rath, Zaabu & special guest star Toad! 

(the struggle with mics is too real)

On the docket: Guest, Alriyel and random stuff

Listen   82:09

tGB Podcast #3

November 02, 2014


Featuring Kalin, Rath and Zaabu. (Apologies for that clicky sound that goes with Zaa's mic - technology is not our friend)

On the docket: Raid, Halloween, Christmas & Wingssss


Listen   50:32

tGB Podcast #2

October 26, 2014

Numero dos!

Featuring Kalin, Rath and Zaabu, with improved audio quality! (pardon the echo, we'll fix that for next time |D trial and error friends!)

Subject Matter? Upcoming events + realistic skill tree discussion + mindless chatter, as per the norm |3

PS - I (ZAA) WAS MISTAKEN, I DID GET PERCY'S SS. I forgot about it, whoops. Shoutout to Blue |D

Listen   48:19

tGB Podcast #1

October 18, 2014

The first of many?

Featuring Kalin, Rath and Zaabu.

Subject Matter? Awkward relationships we never talk about + 'gigglegiggle Fire-Tribe, gigglegiggle caimans suck'

Listen   70:42

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