Babbleography Babbles’ music explores the spaces in between; they pause, reflect, laugh, yearn, rage and return to share an enriched vision; open eyed.; open mouthed, embracing a renewed and vibrant attitude to life. Taking you upwards and sideways with rhythms and soundscapes, wild guitars and poetic lyrics, Babble constantly search for the divine in their music. The basic bones of Babble are; Rob Williams (guitars/synthesis) and Karen Langley (lyrics and vocals/vocal arrangements). Joined by a shared interest in the healing force of music and sound, Babble is a moveable feast that can include a variety of musicians at performances. Both Rob and Karen have worked with many bands/musicians and theatrical groups spanning long careers. “Music is the conversation, the one we can have at the Universal level – everyone can join in” says Karen. Robs distinctive guitar sound and style folds around Karen’s’ evocative vocals to produce the powerful and original Babble sound. Rob and Karen are often joined by; Paul Smith (Bass/Double Bass), Tony Bird (Drums/percussion), Ed Steelefox (Drums/percussion/wicked dance moves) Eric Hej (drums/percussion/Wildman), Jon Sharp (drums/percussion) .

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