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The You Are Team No.? Podcast covers everything Amazing Race worldwide, whether it's the US, Canadian or Australian races. Five international fans - Michael from the UK, Logan from Canada, Ben & Michelle from Australia and Eamon from Malaysia - cover everything that Amazing Race has to offer, recapping each new episode as it is aired, providing analysis on the goings-on and also speaking to former racers about their experiences.

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Podcast #81 - Amazing Race Canada 3 Episode 1 Recap

July 10, 2015

Michael & Logan return to discuss the premiere of Amazing Race Canada 3! Tune in to hear why Gino & Jesse are still the worst, what bet Michael is willing to make, a (surprisingly swear-free) discussion on the Double Express Pass and a couple of surprises are announced for the rest of the season.

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Podcast #80 - The Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview: Part 2

July 05, 2015

Michael & Logan return for the second part of their Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview! This week, the final six teams are discussed, as is the major twist of the season! Tune in to find out who could be the successors to Amazing Race 9's Lisa & Joni, the official response to the discussion on Sukhi & Jinder from Season 2's preview, whose fault it is that no teams from the Prairies are ever cast, what the difference between a Vanessa & Celina and a Natalie & Meaghan is, how to tell a bartender and mixologist apart, which former racers could make even Phil Keoghan swear, whether he sat in the pouch and the biggest question of all - which team will we regret slagging off this year? Recaps begin on Friday 10th July!

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Podcast #80 - The Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview: Part 1

June 28, 2015

Michael & Logan are back for more Amazing Race Canada coverage, starting with the two-part season preview. Tune in to find out why Max might be regretting bringing two flatirons, why image preservation is more important than winning to some teams, why a particular singer can't pronounce her song title, what in particular makes Michael be overly nice to Hamilton & Michaelia, why Nic & Sabrina will be good TV if they last long enough and which team is this season's Jeanne. Also, three seasons of Survivor, the Mole and Robin Sparkles all make an appearance, as well as answering the questions, "Which team is most like an obscure team from Amazing Race Philippines"? and "Why is Nic basically copying Tyson and John from Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand"?. Part 2 will be live on Sunday 5th July.

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Podcast #79 - Big Brother Canada 3 Week 10 Recap

May 29, 2015

Michael, Logan and Ben return to discuss everything that happened on Big Brother Canada 3's final week. Tune in as they discuss excessively long recaps and repeated highlights, things that they discuss only because Zach told us to do so, acknowledging the awesomeness of the steampunk theme, and which contestants ultimately pull a Pili at the end of the game.

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Podcast #78 – Small-Town Podcasting

May 25, 2015

Mike & Rochelle, the Small-Town Sweethearts from Amazing Race 26, join Michael and Logan to answer all the important questions, including whether Mike has played the Splatoon demo yet, what his favourite Mario Kart track is, what went unaired (AND IT’S AMAZING!), how they were widowed by television and video games respectively and just how hard was it when Rochelle got body-checked by a caballito, as well as finding out the truth about whether Mike has recreated Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance!

Listen   78:16
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Podcast #77 - Big Brother Canada 3 Week 9 Recap

May 22, 2015

Michael, Logan and Ben return to discuss everything that happened on Big Brother Canada 3's ninth week. Tune in as they discuss cruel distractions, how all the talk about diapers made them a little queasy, whether it's ever okay to quit at a competition, who the worst liar of the season is, Bruno breaking Willow's heart, showing respect to Arisa when she's trying to talk to the house and Michael and Logan try to explain to Ben what Pizza Pizza is.

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Podcast #76 - Amazing Race 26 Finale Recap

May 17, 2015

Michael, Logan and Ben return to recap the finale of Amazing Race 26, which saw a visit to Dallas, Texas. Tune in to hear the three of us come to terms with our lack of sports knowledge, Logan jumping in with his last few inappropriate jokes about the season, why Ben is Hayley, answering your listener questions, and the big announcement for our next Amazing Race podcast.

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Podcast #75 - Big Brother Canada 3 Week 8 Recap

May 15, 2015

Michael, Logan and Ben return to discuss everything that happened on Big Brother Canada 3's eighth week. Tune in as they discuss D's and A's, houseguests hitting on each other's family members, Ashleigh's biggest moment of the season which Biiiig Brooooother juuuust woooon't stooooooop, sympathy for Pili's hosting abilities, riggage being done right, where Godfrey ranks in terms of confessionalists in reality TV this year, who uses a whip the best, and Michael's HUGE issue with Arisa.

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Podcast #74 - Amazing Race 26 Episode 11 Recap

May 10, 2015

Michael and Logan return to discuss Amazing Race 26's visit to Trujillo, Peru. Tune in to hear about ironic tattoos, repeated innuendos, suspicious horses, which local was copying Blanka from Street Fighter, Logan's amusing verbal slip-up, Jelani's limbo paddling, random TAR 5 comparisons, and whether or not the judge in the dancing task may have been perverted.

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Podcast #73 - Big Brother Canada 3 Week 7 Recap

May 08, 2015

Michael, Logan and Ben return to discuss everything that happened on Big Brother Canada 3's seventh week. Tune in as they discuss such topics as fortunes that weren't really fortunes, sloppy boots, dry heaving, Arisa shutting down Kevin's advances, and Arisa's frustration with contestants who do not know how to hustle during a Triple Eviction. And a healthy dose of Willow Tears. Tragic.

Listen   50:39

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