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The You Are Team No.? Podcast covers everything Amazing Race worldwide, whether it's the US, Canadian or Australian races. Five international fans - Michael from the UK, Logan from Canada, Ben & Michelle from Australia and Eamon from Malaysia - cover everything that Amazing Race has to offer, recapping each new episode as it is aired, providing analysis on the goings-on and also speaking to former racers about their experiences.

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Podcast #50 - The Amazing Race 25 Episode 11 Recap

December 14, 2014

Michael, Logan and Ben return to celebrate the fiftieth podcast from YATNcast, and what better way than discussing Survivor: Guatemala, the lone scene that Logan knows from Cougar Town being somehow relevant to Amy’s crash, Bethany’s inspiration touching us all, how many pages TAR is taking from Treasure Hunters, who Sophie Clarke’d it up this round, and which pun that Logan already used in his blog was completely stolen by Phil.

Listen   59:50

Podcast #49 - The Amazing Race 25 Episode 10 Recap

December 07, 2014

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race 25’s visit to Manila, Philippines. We talk about a leg that was so ‘meh’ that it belonged in TAR 24, Logan makes the most obscure reference ever as it involves Mexican political history, and joking about Jim’s thumb repeatedly. Also, some legitimate analysis with intertextuality per our norm.

Listen   42:30

Podcast #48 - The Amazing Race 25 Episode 9 Recap

November 30, 2014

Michael, Logan and Ben return to discuss The Amazing Race 25’s visit to Singapore. There’s a lot of jumping around because they were too eager to talk about the #worstpwunever task, and surprisingly ignore the Parvati Shallow-inspired Crabs task.

Logan ends up talking about Turtles in Time and make-up running, and they figure out how unoriginal this leg really was with every route marker being used in Asian or Australian visits to Singapore, a location for Allan Wu’s ice bucket challenge, a greeter who was a contestant from Amazing Race Asia 1, spitting Merlions, and a return trip to Mount Urijah Faber.

And yes, more Bethany impressions.

P.S. Brooke’s taunting. ♥

Listen   59:29

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