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About Kamal Imani - You Are Under Surveillance -CyborgTechHouseMix:

You are under surveillance! Tech House and Spoken Word breaking down the state of privacy rights in our society with metaphors and powerful poetic prose. Lyrics: Welcome to the future! You are now a human resource belonging to the prison planet, now don’t panic, scan your hand and elite access will be granted. Now that’s what you wanted isn’t it? (dong) Welcome to your orientation, we will help you with future identification integration. Senario 1: Welcome to the emergency room, do you have an insurance plan? Never mind, just let me scan your hand Now have a seat and one of our robotic interns will be right with you. “ah chew” God bless you. Would you like a tissue? We have your chips information, so we’ll simply bill you. -------- (dong) Scenario 2 and miscellaneous ranting by a random unplugged specimen. The other day, I went to check out at the store, and I was waiting for a while so I was like was like “is anybody here?” and a robotic voice said dong…“scan right here” there are no more human cashiers”. dong I mean this is the stuff of prophets and seers. This use to be sci fi now Star Trek and George Jetson’s finally here How long can we live like this is the apocalypse near? Now I don’t mean to spread paranoia, but most sheeple are living in fear And because of it, you’ll get microchipped so you could flash pass the ez pass And use your fingerprint to pay for your spa treatment, make up and mask Zip down the highway and scan your iris to pay for cigarettes and gas Technologies even made pimpin easy, now pimps got microchips in their hoes ass You may get snap chatted or live stream if you flex on the beach And go viral on arrival if you have sex on the beach Cell phones are like Christmas gifts for creeps and porno freaks. Peekaboo I see you, kids can’t even play hide and go seek, cause some smart kid with a smart phones Gonna cheat. “Brip brripp” the new sound of the police “Brip brripp” Why surveillance Increase? What happen to freedom for you and me? I mean is it really fair, that every time I turn the corner the “Bripp Bripps” are there? And the gps waze be throwing po po under the bus for days And yo, don’t get swole, cause facial recognition already told, me that you were at the superbowl, They got you at the marathon, the riot and coming out the hyatt And you went through the drive through errrday this week so you ain’t even on no diet. When you speed date your potential mate can read your chip and be like “Oh Hell no, don’t even try it”. Soon you won’t have a key so if you forget the combination to your front door, don’t even pry it satellites, laser beams and cameras got us under surveillance for no reason, and we don’t even fit the profile of those who commit acts of treason The average person wants to work, play and relax after a day at the job, but you always have a camera in our face like we’re about to revolt spy or rob It seems like the only way to get off the grid is to meditate and pray to God Welcome to the future! You are now a human resource belonging to the prison planet, now don’t panic, scan your hand and elite access will be granted. Now that’s what you wanted isn’t it? Bonus Welcome to the prison planet, to escape, you have to get off the grid so do your very best. This is what so called civilization has evolved to, this is not a test. You’re alternative is to act like an ostrich, keep your head in the sand and be our special guest!

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