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KING prayers (prayers Sulthon). There was a Sulthon (King) called Sulthon Mahmud Al Ghaznawi. Throughout his life the king is always busied himself with reading prayers to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Each finished morning prayers, the king read the prayers of 300,000 times. So much fun to read prayers king that much, as if he forgot his duty as a king, who concentrated on his shoulders the various tasks and various expectations of the people who depend on it. So when morning came, many people gathered in the palace waiting for the king, to complain about the problem. But the king has been waiting for not being present. For the king will not come out of his room, even though the day was lunch, if not completed shalawatnya wird. After this take a while, one night he dreamed of meeting the Prophet Muhammad. In the dream, the Prophet asked, "Why do you linger in the room? While your people to make their presence is always waiting for their problems.". King replied, "I have to sit for long so, because I read prayers to you as much as 300,000 times, and I promise I will not be out of the room before I finished reading prayers.". Rasulullah SAW said, "Then pity the people who have the need and the weak people that need your attention. Now I’m going to teach you that when you read prayers once, then the value of the reward equal to 100,000 times the reading of prayers. So if you read three times, the reward equal to 300,000 times the blessings that you have read". Prophet then recited prayers that became known as Sulthon prayers. Finally, the king Mahmud then follow the advice the Prophet Muhammad, the last of reading prayers three times. That way, he can read the prayers and state affairs can be run perfectly. After some time salawat practice, the king again dreamed the Prophet Muhammad. Then the Prophet asked him, "What are you doing, so the angel writes overwhelmed your reward?" King replied, "I do not practice anything, except that I practice the prayers you taught me."
October 11, 2012 01:51
by Syariful Anwar

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