Extreme self esteem

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About Extreme Self Esteem:

Self esteem is a function of how you see and think of yourself in terms of importance and value. If you consider yourself of little importance and value, you will exhibit low self esteem. Your chances of a healthy successful life are drastically lowered, because you will tend not to be fulfilled emotionally. Low self esteem affects you in many ways. It damages self confidence, self respect and self image. It affects your body language, and a person with low self esteem is much less attractive to others, no matter what they look like, unless the other person is also of low self esteem. And when two people with low self esteem try to get together, things don’t usually go very well. People with low self esteem tend to end up in bad relationships in which they are often taken advantage of, used, and even abused physically, mentally or spiritually. Improving your self esteem, no matter what level it is currently, can only improve your emotional health. In the end, having a strong healthy sense of self esteem will help you be a much healthier person emotionally, as well as attracting a better quality of people into your life all around.

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